Assistant College Principal Interview Preparation Guide
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Assistant College Principal Frequently Asked Questions in various Assistant Principal job interviews by interviewer. The set of questions are here to ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job interview

64 Assistant Principal Questions and Answers:

1 :: Tell me how important is a student centered classroom for you?

Very important, the classroom is for the students everywhere a student looks in my classroom they will be able to find something that will help them with their class lesson, home learning, and sometimes other classes.

2 :: Tell me how would you describe your leadership style?

My leadership style is a mix between authoritative and democratic. I believe that my leadership style needs to be established, clear and consistent but also has to have a balance of trust within my staff.

3 :: Please explain what do you like about your present job as Assistant Principal?

I am able to influence students academically, behaviorally, and sometimes even personally.

4 :: Tell me what do you know already about our school, and our school district?

A rural school district located near 3 cities. Earned an Excellent and Excellent with Distinction in the past on the Ohio Grade Card. Participate in Muffins with Mom and Doughnuts with Dad. All buildings are located on the same campus.

5 :: It’s imperative you to adequately prepare. Don’t you agree?

A school principal interview is a different ball game compared to interviews for other school positions. Besides showing that you have an exceptional teaching record, you also have to prove that you would be an effective school leader and have the capacity to control and manage every situation that may arise under your supervision.

During the interview, there may be inquiries you’ve seen before in past interviews; however, there will be many others you will find more challenging and will require extra preparation to ensure your answers hit the mark.

6 :: Tell us how do you involve students in the decision-making process?

As a high school principal, I would include the students in the decision-making process by holding school elections, working with the student council, allowing students to vote on various issues. Other methods of involving students would be promoting a student-written school newspaper that addresses school decisions, and by encouraging students to attend PTA meetings and school governing board meetings.

7 :: Tell me what is your most significant achievement in education?

Choose your most important achievement in education and briefly, describe what you did, what skills you used, and how you did it. Consider mentioning: implementing curricular changes, establishing a school-wide discipline program, creating a tutoring program, earning a Ph.D., helping raise test scores, implementing an anti-gang or anti-drug program, creating a program for second language learners, writing a book, or creating a program for music or the arts.

Dedicate time to prepare for any potential school administrator job interview questions in advance.

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Don’t get caught off-guard.

If you are having a difficult time narrowing down your achievements to just one, try to pick one that you are most proud of or one that deals with an issue that is important to the school you are applying for. For instance, if the school you are interviewing with is struggling with bullying, it would be great to mention your experience with introducing successful anti-bullying campaigns.

8 :: Tell me how would you schedule classes?

Before answering this question, you should clarify the grade for which you are being asked to schedule the classes, and accordingly answer the best schedule that will help the students to attend all the classes attentively.

9 :: Tell me why do you want to be principal of this school?

Your research and preparation is critical to answering this.

Clearly detail why you are interested and give specific facts and details. Consider aspects such as the student body, the staff, the curriculum, the school reputation, educational objectives, initiatives, extracurricular activities. Effective research will help make your answers both current and relevant.

10 :: Tell me what professional goals have you set yourself for the next 5 years?

Focus on broad goals that contribute to the overall improvement of the school. Consider student results and achievement, staff performance and development, instructional quality, the school culture and reputation, community involvement.