Event Planner Interview Preparation Guide
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Event Planner related Frequently Asked Questions in various Event Planner job interviews by interviewer. The set of questions here ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job hunting

63 Event Planner Questions and Answers:

1 :: What was the most successful event you've planned in the past?

I single-handed coordinated the Coats for Kids drive for 2013. Without a committee and very few volunteers. I planned it, I marketed it, I married it. I feel it was so successful because I constantly thought about my clients (the kids). I wanted to make sure that my efforts and planning ensured that they got the best result.

2 :: What was the most challenging event you've planned in the past?

Planning HF for BHGH was a big challenge because an event like it had never been done by this organization and there was no budget. Therefore, we had to get absolutely everything donated, we had to manage volunteers, and we had to trust that the vendors who said they would donate their services and time held their commitment. Although a challenge, we involved over 17 different local businesses who donated their time, money and/or products.

3 :: Suppose If you were hired, when could you start?

Right away. This is an opportunity and company I am excited to get started with.

4 :: How well do you manage your time?

Time management is an important part of my daily life. I am familiar with calendar programs and applications, and I make sure that I clearly note deadlines and appointments. In addition, I make sure to plan ample time to complete tasks, guaranteeing that I am not overbooked.

5 :: What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?

It goes without saying that the strengths you mention must be job specific, however the weakness part is difficult. You can dodge the question by mentioning a weakness that could prove to be an asset in the specific field. Sample answer follows

6 :: What types of clientele have you managed events for?

I have had the opportunity to manage both corporate clients and private ones so I have managed meetings, conferences, weddings, parties and even racing events!

7 :: Are you available to work long hours?

Because most events are on weekends and evenings, I anticipate that I will need to be available to work during odd hours. I also understand that some events can require extensive time to set up, run and clean up. While this can be demanding, I am passionate about the job and willing to be available.

8 :: What point in your career did you decide you wanted to be an event planner?

When I was fourteen, I planned my own birthday party with my sister. I realized I liked planning the party, and although hard work the final result gave me satisfaction. I realized I would like to make other people happy by planning a successful event.

9 :: What would you do if the DJ is 2 hour late and has not shown up or answers his phone?

First of all, I would never wait for 2 hours to pass before I started looking for a back up. If the DJ was 10 minutes late I would already be trying to get into contact with him and if I couldn't reach him I would already be working on a back up plan just in case it turns out that he doen't show. You should always have a generic background music track available just in case. Even if your DJ shows up, there is no guarantee that he won't experien

10 :: Tell me about one bad experience you've had, preferably something catastrophic, how did you handle it? Was the event still a success?

Because vendors at HF donated their time and services, we could not guarantee their commitment. One vendor, the face painter, canceled 30 minutes before start time. In order to avoid false advertising, I purchased a face painting kit from a local craft store and found a volunteer to paint guests instead. It worked great.