Pension Examiner Interview Preparation Guide
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Pension Examiner Frequently Asked Questions in various Pension Examiner job interviews by interviewer. The set of questions are here to ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job interview

33 Pension Examiner Questions and Answers:

1 :: Tell me what is the role of Actuarial Analyst in the insurance company?

Actuarial analyst’s works in the insurance industry and use statistical model to analyze the data and calculate the costs associated with certain events such as

☛ Product failure
☛ Accidents
☛ Property damage
☛ Injury and death
☛ Destruction due to natural calamities ( hurricanes, earthquakes, pandemic and terrorist attacks)

2 :: What is the role of chief actuaries?

Chief actuaries act as an actuary head or supervisor for the government organization as well as corporate. They keep an eye on other actuaries and distribute and direct assignments. Also, they prepare reports and reviews of business functions like budgets and mergers. Further, they implement policies and guidelines relating to actuary risk analysis.

3 :: What is the Casualty Actuarial Society?

Casualty Actuarial Society is a professional association of non-life actuaries, of risk management professionals who work in industries other than life insurance. The motive of this society is to give knowledge to members and the general public about actuarial analysis of property and liability risk

4 :: Tell me what is lognormal distribution in the context to insurance?

Lognormal distribution is a probability distribution that is used as a model to claim size distribution; it is positively skewed and has a range from zero to infinity.

5 :: Why did you leave your last job as Pension Examiner?

You felt your career prospects and progression could go no further and you need a challenge where your potential can be exploited.

6 :: What are your greatest strengths as Pension Examiner?

My greatest strengths are threefold: -
☛ To be able to recognise my weaknesses
☛ I have the ability to pick up procedures quickly
☛ An excellent temperament which means I don't get rattled easily

7 :: Explain me a situation where you had to express an opinion in a tactful manner?

Once I was discussing a potential pension plan with a client. She had done her research and had acquired information from a different company. I tried explaining all the benefits she would get from us, but she countered that the other company offered the exact same benefits at a lower rate. I looked into the situation and found that the client was right, so I explained that going with another company was the right move, but if it ended up not working out, we would be there to assist her. A few months later, the client came back saying she was unsatisfied with the services she was getting from the competition, and wanted to work with us.

8 :: Tell us why are you leaving your current role as Pension Examiner?

“I will always ask someone why they’re leaving their current firm and why they left their role before that,” says Gareth Hughes, head of HR at Royal Bank of Canada in London.

Purpose: To establish whether you’re the sort of flaky person who jumps from role to role and former employers are glad to see the back of.

9 :: Tell us what are the skills required to become actuarial?

Skills required to become actuarial is

☛ Good understanding of statistics and math’s
☛ General knowledge of business and finance
☛ Basic knowledge of programming languages, statistical analysis programs, spreadsheets and databases
☛ Good communication skills which include preparing reports and giving presentation
☛ Good analytical and problem-solving skills

10 :: Tell me some of the topics that Actuary should be proficient in?

To become a successful actuary, you must have a good hold on

☛ Calculus
☛ Linear Algebra
☛ Differential Equations
☛ Probability & Statistics
☛ Regression Analysis
☛ Time series Analysis
☛ Accounting
☛ Finance & Management
☛ Economics
☛ Computer science & communication