Analyst Interview Preparation Guide
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Analyst based Frequently Asked Questions in various Analyst based job Interviews by interviewer. The set of questions here ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job hunting

71 Analyst Questions and Answers:

1 :: List a few types of analysts?

A few types of analysts are given below:
☛ Accounting analyst
☛ Business analyst
☛ Financial analyst
☛ Industry analyst
☛ Intelligence analyst
☛ Marketing analyst
☛ Medical analyst
☛ Public analyst
☛ Public policy analyst
☛ Systems analyst

2 :: Tell me about the significance of using an activity diagram as a business analyst?

The activity diagram is important because it gives an outline of the work flow within the business as well as the activities and action completed.
For instance with a company, there is likely to be more than one department. In such a case each department, will have different access levels to the system.
So if there is a Medical, HR and Accounts team they will only have access to screens that relate to each. The activity diagram will highlight the differences within the departments which will be very helpful for developers when they are designing and coding.

3 :: What do you know about collaboration diagram as a business analyst?

A collaboration diagram, also called a communication diagram or interaction diagram is an illustration of the relationships and interactions among software objects in the Unified Modeling Language. The concept is more than a decade old although it has been refined as modeling paradigms have evolved.

4 :: Tell me about an alternate flow in use case as a business analyst?

This is the flow that will come into action, when there is a failure in the use case system where the expected results have not come to fruition.

5 :: What is the importance of a flow chart as business analyst?

The flow chart gives a clear graphical representation of an implemented process. This makes the system simple to understand for all persons involved in the project.

6 :: Can you explain the use case model briefly as business analyst?

The use case model requires a use case diagram. It describes the business environment. It is primary goal is to show the series of events and actions within any given process that will be performed by an actor.

7 :: List the types of diagrams as a business analyst?

There are three types of diagrams:
☛ Use case diagram
☛ Activity diagram
☛ Collaboration diagram

8 :: Tell me what is UML modeling as business analyst?

UML stands for Unified Modeling Language. It is the industry standard language for constructing, visualizing and documenting the different components within a system.

9 :: Tell me what is an exception flow in a use case as business analyst?

This is a flow that accounts for an unexpected or unusual result within the application process. The exception will be handled according to its designed flow.

10 :: Tell me what are extends within a use case as business analyst?

An extend within a use case in business analysis is an action that may not necessarily take place.