3D Artist Interview Preparation Guide
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3D Artist related Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with job experience as 3D Artist. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job interview and quickly revise your concepts

34 3D Artist Questions and Answers:

1 :: Why do you want to work here as 3D Artist?

I would like to be a part of a company that is technologically driven and always looking towards the future. I would like to gain experience in an innovative business that has stayed ahead of the competition by foreseeing changes in the modern market.

2 :: Where do you see yourself five years from now as 3D Artist?

I envisage myself in an art director position working in a progressive company like this one. I hope I would have earned promotion by demonstrating myself to be asset to the company and proving I am worthy of such as position.

3 :: Do you know what is Graphic Interchange Format?

☛ - GIF is a format of bitmap image.
☛ - It supports maximum of 8 BPP.
☛ - It allows a single image to be referenced as a palette.
☛ - Each palette has up to 256 colors to choose from.
☛ - The RGB color space is about 24 bits.

4 :: What is Ambient occlusion?

☛ - Ambient Occlusion is related to bright the light to shine on specific surfaces.
☛ - AO is based on the environment of the surface.
☛ - The calculation is done by casting rays in each and every direction from the surface.
☛ - The brightness is increased on the surface by focusing the rays from the background.
☛ - Points with little geometry will appear light on the visible hemisphere.

5 :: Can you please explain the difference between Animation and Video?


☛ - Animation involves drawing of sketches of objects.
☛ - These objects are placed in various frames, so that it illustrates as if the objects are moving.
☛ - Animation is created by drawing series of illustrations in different angles.
☛ - Animation creation is difficult compared to creating a video.


☛ - Videos are made by using video cameras.
☛ - The real movements of objects are captured by shooting the videos.
☛ - Manual intervention is not necessary to shoot.

6 :: Explain me what is the file structure of GIF?

☛ - GIF file has fixed size graphical area.
☛ - It contains one or more images.
☛ - Every image can be animated by placing them in animation frames.
☛ - Every part of GIF file is a frame.
☛ - All such frames make the complete graphical area or logical screen.
☛ - Every file starts with a fixed length header.
☛ - Every logical area consists of an image, the extension block and the trailer that is referred as the last byte of the file.

7 :: What is about the Logical Screen Descriptor of GIF files?

Logical Screen Descriptor has the following information.

☛ - Logical Screen Width: The width of the image that represents in pixels
☛ - Logical Screen Height: The image height in pixels.
☛ - Packed Field: The element of the image for animation.
☛ - Background Color Index: A value that is pointing to a color in the Global Color Table.
☛ - Pixel Aspect Ratio: The approximate aspect ratio of the pixel in the GIF image

8 :: Explain me what are the benefits & limitations of GIF89a animations?

☛ - Transparency, Compression , Interlacing, various colors palettes are applied
☛ - No plug-ins or supported software required.
☛ - No web server or server side includes or PERL scripting is needed.
☛ - Provides reusable and repeatable animations.
☛ - No need to download the animation constantly by modem, as the whole animation is loaded only once.
☛ - The size of animated images is compact.

9 :: Tell me about your art work?

I gained an honor Bachelor Degree from Academy of Arts in Fine and Digital Arts Studies. I have 5 years experience working in graphic arts, with the last 2 years as lead multimedia designer residing over a team of 4 colleagues. My achievements have gained me several promotions from my first position as junior graphic designer.

10 :: What is your greatest weakness as 3D Artist?

My weakness used to be that I accepted too much work in an effort to please everybody. I soon discovered that I was loosing my focus and not performing, as I well as I should. I started schedule my projects on a timetable base and I did not accept more work than I could complete on time.