3D Interior Designer Interview Preparation Guide
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3D Interior Designer related Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with job experience as 3D Interior Designer. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job interview and quickly revise your concepts

65 3D Interior Designer Questions and Answers:

1 :: Tell me what made you choose to become an Interior Designer?

It was actually an accident that I became an Interior designer, but to be honest, it is a great feelings to be one because Interior designers projects are fast and you could designed whatever impossible to be possible.

2 :: Tell me in what ways, do you get the client motivated and excited for the upcoming project? And why is that important?

I get the client motivated and excited about an upcoming project by throwing out potential ideas for the space and expressing my excitement of how amazing the final product will be when it is done. It is important because you want them to be looking forward to this design process they are about undergo and that their money will be well spent.

3 :: Explain me about a time when your design idea clashed with another team members?

I have this happen quite a lot because I tend to think of some really experimental ideas sometimes. But again, I like to take a step back when this happens and just sort've see everything at a bigger picture. Almost like im a third party looking at the ideas. If I sometimes feel the team member has put more time and effort into their idea although I think in my head my idea is better, I'd let my idea go and instead find ways to integrate my idea into their idea. I think partner to partner respect goes a long way.

4 :: Explain about your career goals?

To be able to graduate and achieve a degree in interior design. I think that the key to achieve this is prioritizing my studies more while being able to balance and find time to also socialise. So far I am focusing on the current events such as making sure to do all my homework on time and revising thoroughly for the exams and also getting as much courseworks done as possible to remain on track.

5 :: Tell me when designing a room what is the most important factor for you?

Once the design or thought is clear in your mind about the design is to follow a theme and the design entire room accordingly which includes color, furniture and piece of art.

6 :: What is professional liability insurance for interior designers cover?

Professional liability insurance for interior designers covers losses, expenses, and damages resulting from lawsuits up to the limit of your policy. It protects clients from claims of wrongful acts committed by you or your employee while performing professional duties or losses that happens to others due to alteration of design.

7 :: Tell me what are the tools does an interior designer takes help?

☛ Color Wheel
☛ Paint Chips
☛ Fabric Samples
☛ Measuring Tape
☛ Digital Camera

8 :: Tell me some of the areas apart from traditional areas where you can apply interior design and specialize yourself?

You can specialize yourself in various stream like

☛ Visual Merchandiser
☛ Home Theater designer
☛ Feng Shui Designer
☛ Vastu Shastra Expert
☛ Set Designer (for films)
☛ Landscaping Artist

9 :: Tell me some of the modern glass types used in interior designing?

☛ Flair Granit
☛ Ottanta
☛ Fly
☛ Nivada
☛ Rimadesio
☛ Retro
☛ Article
☛ Ferrera on satinato

10 :: Tell me what experience do you have in this industry? Any notable examples or experiences?

Try to answer the question as it is. Do not try to beat around the bush. Hopefully while answering this you might have had a lot of experience to talk about. If not, do try to tell the interviewer that you do not have any prior experiences in the field and that you are still a novice. Do not try to bluff or lie about your experiences under any circumstances. Do not try to add any false information about your work just to impress your interviewer. This might prove to be a grave mistake and might eliminate you out of the selection process. Just stress on the fact that how your skillset can prove to be beneficial for the company and how it can help in the company’s development.