2D Game Graphic Designer Interview Preparation Guide
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2D Game Graphic Designer related Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with professional career as 2D Game Graphic Designer. These list of interview questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job interview and quickly revise your concepts

47 2D Game Graphic Designer Questions and Answers:

1 :: Do you know what qualities and skills should a good graphic designer have?

This is a great opportunity to see how a designer thinks of their profession. “To create great designs” is not enough. A good designer will be able to articulate how their designs communicate your brand’s vision and solve practical problems.

2 :: Explain me how do you meet tough deadlines? Tell me about a time you completed great work under pressure?

Good designers are thoughtful and thorough, but you also want to make sure they know how to prioritize and work well under time constraints.

3 :: Tell me what is the basic structure for developing a game?

The basic structure for developing game is

a) The game interface

b) The implementation of the interface

c) The game source code

4 :: What is “Pixel Art”?

A digital art which is created by drawing individual pixels in an image rather than rendering a 3D model is known as “Pixel Art”.

5 :: Tell me how good Bitbucket/Github is for game development?

Bitbucket is a code hosting service and not a file sharing service. It is compatible for small size game development, but if you are handling extremely large files or frequently changing binary files Github would not be useful. Bitbucket can’t display differences on binaries

6 :: Tell me in Android, how you can use load texture method to load the image?

The load texture method will take in an image pointer and then load the image into a stream. The stream will then be loaded as a texture into OpenGL.

7 :: What is a game loop?

For any game development game loop acts as a central component. To make necessary updates and to check the changes in the game, loop is useful. Graphics, movement, controls etc. all rely on the game loop.

8 :: Tell me what are the gaming engines you can use for developing games?

The different gaming engines you can use for developing games are:

1) AndEngine

2) Rokon

3) Libgdx

4) Android-2D-Engine

5) jMonkey Engine

6) Cocos2D-Android

9 :: Tell me why do you want to work here as 2D Game Graphic Designer?

(This question implicitly includes, "Why do you want to leave where you are?" if you're currently employed.)

This question is an open opportunity to show you've done some research on the company where you're interviewing. All companies and interviewers are flattered when the interviewee knows who they are, knows what games they make, and wants to be a part of their experience. Do your homework and put on a good show!

Don't say things like, "I need a job," or "I need to move to Sacramento." Instead, pick a few things that are germane to the company in question. The more specific your reasons are tied to the company, the better. "I want to work on FPS shooters" isn't as good an answer as "I want to work on Game Franchise X because I played the first two games and still see potential for future growth of the product." It's sycophantic, yes, but interviewers are as prone to flattery as anyone else -- although don't give that as your only reason.

When explaining why you want to leave your current job, the trick is to not be negative. Pick a couple of points that are inarguable, for example, "There was no career development" or "They weren't working on the kinds of games I'm interested in," rather than "Their management is clueless and they are going to die soon." The game industry is a small community -- you could very well be talking smack about your interviewer's close buddy.

If you were let go or fired, it's better to say something like, "We decided to part ways," or "It was my time to leave," rather than go into too much detail, unless directly pressed. In that case, the interviewer probably already knows what went down and is just looking to see what you'll say. Answer the question quickly and without negativity, and move on. You want to leave a positive impression.

10 :: Explain me what will you bring to the team? Why do we need you?

This is a general question that applies to all interviews. There are two ways to answer: the big answer and the little answer.

The big answer requires you to have some knowledge of how the company operates. Who does what? Your goal is to slot your experience, passion and skills (and if you are a student, your passion, skills, and desired career direction) into any holes the company may have -- and it should have some. Otherwise, why are they hiring?

The little answer is to name some of your previous experiences and best qualities and hope that's enough.

Care needs to be taken that a) you don't sound arrogant in assuming the company will die without you and b) you don't say negative things about the company. Statements like, "Well, you obviously can't do good Q/A. You need a good Q/A manager," are likely to go down like a lead balloon. Frame your answer to suggest that you would bring extra expertise, and therefore improvement, to something that's already in place.