3D Maya Interview Preparation Guide
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3D Maya based Frequently Asked Questions in various 3D Maya job interviews by interviewer. These professional questions are here to ensures that you offer a perfect answers posed to you. So get preparation for your new job hunting

48 3D Maya Questions and Answers:

2 :: Which Lets You Edit Event And Sound Synchronization And Timing?

Dope sheet editor

5 :: What is Maya?

Maya software is tremendously impressive 3 D design software which can be used by everyone who is interested in developing 3D prototypes of games. Maya is highly powerful and helpful for all the 3D design requirements. One must master interface and spend time to learn perfectly how to use application to get benefit out of it. If you master Maya software then it will be very easy to develop specialized 3D animations. But, it is mandatory to understand and practice perfectly and you must know the exact usage of tools

6 :: Tell me what is rendering?

If you have developed your design framework, you can employ multiple textures and colors. One can be able to see the end project by rendering some colors. It takes much time to complete rendering and a super fast computer is needed. If you do not have good system configuration then it will be very difficult to do this task. You must struggle to complete this comfortably on the computers with low configuration. Rendering individual view is not much complicated but rendering scenes that are animated with 25 frames per second is difficult on your PC.

9 :: Which Output Image File Formats Can Store The Depth Channels In One File?

Maya IFF