Automobile Designer Interview Preparation Guide
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Automobile Designer related Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with job experience as Automobile Designer. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job interview and quickly revise your concepts

65 Automobile Designer Questions and Answers:

1 :: Tell me what do you mean by Break Lines?

It is used to limit a broken section. For short break an uneven freehand thick line is recommended and for long breaks a long thin ruled dashes joined by freehand ‘ Zig Zags’ are used.

2 :: Do you know where is draft angle used?

Generally draft angle is used in moldings and drop forgings, parts of which maybe left un-machined.

3 :: What is Cycloid?

It is a curve which is generated by a point in the plane of a circle that rolls along a straight line.

5 :: Tell me in order to derive the torsional formulas what are the assumptions taken?

The torsion equation is derived on the basis of following assumptions:
☛ > The shaft material is uniform, throughout the shaft.
☛ > Even after loading the shaft circular remains circular.
☛ > After the application of torques the plain section of a shaft remains plain.
☛ > Any twist that occurs in the shaft remains uniform and constant.
☛ > After the application of torque the distance between any two cross-sectional references remains constant.
☛ > The elastic limit value of a shaft is never exceeded even after the

6 :: Tell me what are the commonly used various methods of pictorial projection?

☛ (a) Isometric projection
☛ (b) Oblique projection
☛ (c) Perspective projection.

7 :: Explain me what is meant by development?

Development is the drawing of all the surfaces of an object on a plane to make a pattern. If it is folded or rolled it will form the required object. The main applications are in sheet metal work,sheet plastic fabrication and many other industrial applications.

8 :: Tell me what do you mean by detail drawing?

It shows the essential shape, size and specifications required for the construction of each unit of a product.

9 :: Tell me what is meant by interpenetration of solids?

If one solid penetrates into the other solid of the same or different cross section then surfaces of the both solids come in contact and outline of the penetrating solid can be seen which is called interpenetration of solid.

10 :: Explain me what is a sectional view?

The cross section of an object obtained by passing an imaginary cutting plane through the object is called sectional view.