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☛ 1. What is full form of GIF? Name the organization behind its development.
☛ 2. What kind of image container is GIF? How is it different from other image containers?
☛ 3. What is an animation?
☛ 4. How many bits do a GIF image uses to store a pixel value?
☛ 5. Is GIF a good format for storing real life photographs?
☛ 6. Name the compression technique used by GIF image format. Is it lossless or lossy data compression?
☛ 7. What is the basic principle involved in gif animations?
☛ 8. Compare PNG with GIF.
☛ 9. Name few of the tools that can be used to create animated gif images.
☛ 10. How to optimize an animated gif?
☛ 11. What do you mean by Rigging? Is it possible to achieve rigging using gifs?
☛ 12. How to animate a text by fading it in & out?
☛ 13. What do you mean by ambient occlusion?
☛ 14. How to make an animated gif image’s background transparent?
☛ 15. What is e-GIF? How it is different from GIF?
☛ 16. What you understand by alternative GIFs?
☛ 17. What is XAML?
☛ 18. Explain file structure of GIF images.
☛ 19. Pour some light over Byte Ordering in Gif Images.
☛ 20. What is the purpose of Global Color Table?

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Fresh 3D Artist Job Interview Questions:Do you know the compression technique used by GIF image format?