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☛ What is FLV? For what purposes it is used?
☛ What does SWF stand for? How is it different from FLV?
☛ Out of FLV & SWF which one will you prefer to use when publishing an animation?
☛ How many frames there are in one second of animation?
☛ What are Flash Exploits? How can they harm your computer?
☛ What is the difference between flash player & flash projector?
☛ Name a program that can produce both 2D & 3D animations.
☛ What is ActionScript?
☛ What do you understand by shading?
☛ What is ambient occlusion map?
☛ What is the meaning of Texturing?
☛ How can lighting improve whole look & feel of an animation?
☛ When you should use Flash scenes instead Keyframes?
☛ What is rendering in context of computer animation?
☛ Is it necessary to draw background of the animation every time?
☛ What do you understand by Image Morphing?
☛ Is it possible to render 3D animations as 2D animations? If yes then how?
☛ Compare animation with animatronics.
☛ What do you understand by Squash & stretch in context of computer animation?
☛ What is the clay motion? Why it is so jerky?
☛ How are 3D snow & rain modeled in computer animations?
☛ Are clothing & hair on 3D models created individually?
☛ Have you ever heard technique called 2.5D animation? What is it?
☛ How animators sync their music with their animation?
☛ What are the standard units of measurement you use while doing animations?
☛ What is a wireframe animation? What is its significance?
☛ What is attraction in animation?
☛ What do you understand by CAD tools? For what purposes they are used?
☛ What is difference between autoCAD & other 3D programs?
☛ If an architect want to make a model of a building which tool he prefer to use?
☛ What is Adobe’s Dreamworks? How is it different from Dreaweaver?

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