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Explain me what are the rules followed by Mutexes?


Mutex is also called as Mutual Exclusion is a mechanism that is used to show the preemptive environment and allow providing security methods like preventing an unauthorized access to the resources that are getting used in the system. There are several rules that has to be followed to ensure the security policies:

Mutex are directly managed by the system kernel that provides a secure environment to allow only the applications that passes the security rules and regulations. The mutex consists of objects that are allowed to be called by the kernel.

Mutex can have only one process at a time in its area that is owned by the process using it. This allows less conflict between the different applications or processes that wait for their turn to execute it in the kernel area.

Mutex can be allocated to another mutex that is running some task at a particular time and allow the kernel to have synchronization in between them.

If Mutex is allocated to some other process then the area will consist of the process till the area is having the process in it.

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