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Explain Media Literacy, Media as place of ideas, Media Convergence and Media Consolidation?


a.) Media Literacy

Media literacy refers to the act of creating a message in all the available media. It uses an inquiry-based mode of process encouraging questions about what the target audience wants in terms of what they watch, see, and read. Media literacy facilitates an understanding as to the strengths and limitations of each medium and to create new ones.

b.) Media as place of ideas

Media as place of ideas is a metaphor to help think of ideas in a medium as products or services that are produced, imported and shared by community members. Ideas have value and cost which can be registered and protected in the form of patents, trademarks and copyrights. Ideas also have opportunity, distribution and production costs.

c.) Media Convergence

Media convergence refers to many products coming together to form one. In media convergence old and new media merge in such a way that there is a balance of power between media producers and media consumers and ultimately results into a brand new scenario of operations.

d.) Media Consolidation.

Media consolidation refers to the majority of the media means owned by a few media conglomerates who view this as detrimental and characterized ownership structure of mass media. Media ownership may refer to monopoly in a given media. Times group in India is a example of a media conglomerate.

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