Energy Engineering Question:
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A 15 V source is connected across a 12 resistor. How much energy is used in three minutes?

A. 938 Wh
B. 0.938 Wh
C. 56.25 Wh
D. 5.6 Wh


Option B

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A given power supply is capable of providing 6 A for 3.5 h. Its ampere-hour rating is

A. 0.58 Ah
B. 2.1 Ah
C. 21 Ah
D. 58 Ah
At the end of a 14 day period, your utility bill shows that you have used 18 kWh. What is your average daily power?

A. 1.286 kWh
B. 12.85 kWh
C. 535 kWh
D. 252 kWh