Teaching Assistant Interview Preparation Guide
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Teaching Assistant frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in Teaching Assistant. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job test and quickly revise the concepts

32 Teaching Assistant Questions and Answers:

1 :: Why you want to be a teaching assistant?

This is an opportunity to talk about your previous experiences of working or volunteering with children and what you enjoyed and learned. Even if your experience is limited to babysitting or volunteering try and bring out pertinent information a positive way.

2 :: Why you want to work at this school?

Having looked at the school's website I was impressed by the positive outlook and the initiatives used (anti-bullying/anti-racism/healthy eating) to make the school a happy and safe place for its pupils and staff.

3 :: Who is Teaching Assistant?

A teaching assistant or teacher's aide (TA) or education assistant (EA) is an individual who assists a teacher with instructional responsibilities.

4 :: What would you do if a child tells you that he or she is being harmed by someone outside school?

I would follow the safeguarding procedure of the school and report the incident to the named senior member of staff responsible but not disclose this to anyone else. I would try to reassure the child and keep them updated on what's happening.

5 :: How would you deal with a child who persistently misbehaves in the classroom?

I would work closely with the class teacher to deal with the child in a consistent way. I would use positive encouragement and praise good behavior when possible and follow the school's behavior policy if things don't improve.

6 :: What would you do if a parent asked you a question about their child in the playground after school?

I would explain that I am not allowed to talk to parents about individual children for reasons of confidentiality and would direct the parent to arrange to speak to the class teacher.

7 :: How you motivate a child with special education needs who does not want to take part in classroom activities?

I would try and be as positive as possible with the child and encourage them to join in using stickers, reward charts etc. and possibly a special mention in assembly for consistently hard work.

8 :: Do you know how I received a teaching assistant assignment?

There may be many changes to the assignments for the first two weeks.
It is your responsibility to check the list daily to confirm that your assignment has not been changed or cancelled.

9 :: Which groups are eligible to receive TA positions?

► Fully funded graduate students
► Q-year Math & Stats students
► Undergraduates in Math & Stats
► Undergraduates in other departments

10 :: Can school reserves the right to cancelled my assignment?

Yes, the School reserves the right to cancel any course tutorial section or replace or reassign teaching assistants for any reason, at any time prior to the third scheduled class, in which case your "Assignment of Duties" contract is thereby ended.