Safety Teacher Interview Preparation Guide
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Safety Teacher based Frequently Asked Questions in various Safety Teacher job interviews by interviewer. These professional questions are here to ensures that you offer a perfect answers posed to you. So get preparation for your new job hunting

45 Safety Teacher Questions and Answers:

1 :: Do you know what is a safety audit? On what three bases does it operate?

A safety audit is a workplace screening process that indicates any unsafe working conditions and recommends corrective measures. Is operates on measurements, analysis and testing.

2 :: What is more important Training or experience in a safety officer’s role?

One without the other is not potent enough for many situations so I would consider both very important. Training is a prerequisite and experience is comes with time. They cannot be compared or used interchangeably.

3 :: Explain me what Is Safety Policy?

Any company has a social and legal obligation to provide a safe and health working environment to all his improvement to all his employees.

4 :: Tell us what Is Work At Height?

Any work above 2 meters from ground is caused work at height.

5 :: Tell us what Is Manual Handing?

The process of lifting, carrying and stacking materials by men is called manual handing.

6 :: Explain me what Are The Duties Of A Supervisor?

☛ He has to instruct this workers about the work methods and procedures.
☛ He has to maintain discipline among the workers
☛ He has to supply necessary materials
☛ He has to control quality and cost of the job
☛ He has to guide has workers in doing a job in the correct and safe way
☛ He has to supply suitable personal protective equipment to his workers
☛ He should conduct periodical safety meetings.
☛ He should conduct safety inspection of his working area
☛ He should know about the fire fight equipments
☛ He should know investigate the accident and find out the cause of accident

7 :: Do you know what Is Welding?

The process of joining of metals either by electrical or by gas is called welding.

8 :: Can you tell me what Is Attitude?

Attitude may be described as continuous behavior . if man’s behavior is good, then his action will be either correct or safe.

9 :: Do you know what Is Incident?

It is an event which represents deviation from the intended sequence of designed steps.

10 :: Can you tell us have you ever been involved in a situation which has tested your mettle as a safety officer on a personal level?

There was this situation in which the university that I was working for fell under a vandalism attack. All security personnel looked for the perpetrator for three months but I was the one who managed to pinpoint a student responsible for the vile acts. It was unfortunate that the student was the son of my best friend. I had no option but to hand him in even though I knew I could very well let him go with a warning and none would be the wiser! My ethics said otherwise.