Nursery Assistant Nurse Interview Preparation Guide
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Nursery Assistant Nurse Frequently Asked Questions in various Nursery Nurse job Interviews by interviewer. The set of questions here ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job hunting

27 Nursery Nurse Questions and Answers:

1 :: What general duties are performed by a nursery nurse?

Duties depend on where you work, so specify that. More generally, nursery nurses help children learn and develop cognitively and socially. Other simpler tasks include feeding or helping with meals, dressing, maintaining hygiene, etc.

2 :: Do you have the qualities which a nursery nurse needs?

Do not hesitate to answer positively, but in a thoughtful manner. Nursery nurses are people who are able to relate to children and communicate with them effectively. They have patience and can adapt to the children's behavior, moods, and tantrums. Nurses are playful and lovable.

3 :: Describe administrative experience?

Typical duties in this case include keeping medical records, contributing information to these records, acquiring and maintaining learning materials on health, composing original material and disseminating it in class.

4 :: Tell me do you have physical stamina to work with children?

Work with small children can indeed be physically challenging. A nursery nurse is typically able to walk a lot, run, carry children and equipment, and play physically demanding games with children.

5 :: Tell me your previous experience working with children?

If it's nursery work mention it by all means. But other types of experience are also welcome instead of or in addition to nursery work. Depending on the type of person you are and your age, valid previous experience could be anything from babysitting during summer vacations to working in the children's sector in a hospital.

6 :: How have you previously demonstrated your commitment to supporting anti-discriminatory practice?

Knowing what a-d practice means Work or personal example Awareness of own values and context Treat each child as an individual, respect race, religion, culture, gender. Seek to meet the individual needs of all children & staff. Consider ethnic and religious cultural events.

7 :: Give me an example of when you have had a safeguarding concern about a child?

Selection & explanation of a relevant example Knowledge of policies and procedures including recording, contact with the child, confidentiality etc Personal commitment to importance of safeguarding.

8 :: How you have involved parent or career in their children's learning and development?

Developing effective relationships acknowledging role parents play in children's learning & development Keeping parents/carers informed via daily record sheets/diary, parents/carers evenings, access to information, parents/carers notice board.

9 :: How have you previously promoted positive teamwork?

Listening & communications Understanding roles & responsibilities respect & value each other's views attending regular staff meetings.

10 :: Why is this job nursery nurse suitable for you?

Enthusiastic and motivated, want to develop experiences, want to work for The Company.