Special Education Interview Preparation Guide
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Special Education job preparation guide for freshers and experienced candidates. Number of Special Education frequently asked questions(FAQs) asked in many interviews

28 Special Education Questions and Answers:

1 :: Explain how have you managed a very disruptive student?

Students with different special needs demand varied approaches to discipline. Provide examples of at least two different approaches you used that were effective for the particular students in question. Focus on your attempts to understand what the problem behavior really means as well as how to modify it.

2 :: Tell me how have you established procedures and rules for behavior to maintain order among your students?

Effective classroom management depends on providing the structure and routine required by special education students. The students need to know what rules and procedures apply to them. Specific and clear communication of these rules and procedures is key. Each student needs to know on a daily basis exactly what is expected of them.

3 :: Tell me how you collaborated with general education teachers to benefit your students?

Highlight your role on the team as an advocate for your students. Emphasize your ability to work collaboratively with other teachers and support staff to help your students succeed including regular consultation regarding progress towards educational, social, emotional and physical goals.
Demonstrate that you act as a valuable resource for the general education teachers by providing specialized activities, modifications, IEPs for your students.

4 :: What strategies and techniques have you used to help your special education students?

Highlight your expertise in differentiated instruction when answering special education teacher interview questions. Discuss development of individual educational plans (IEPs). Give specific examples of modifications, group work, assessments and explicit communication techniques.
Show your understanding of the different classifications such as speech disorders, ADD, emotional disorders and language processing difficulties. You will be expected to have basic knowledge of a wide range of disabilities.

5 :: Explain that methods you used to encourage students to explore learning opportunities?

Often students are not motivated to learn, particularly when they feel inadequate or have experienced failure.
What creative methods have you successfully used to build motivation? You have to be innovative in coming up with new ways to build the students' self esteem and belief in the possibility of success.

6 :: How to motivate students to persevere with challenging assignments and tasks?

Your ability to motivate students will be carefully evaluted with special education teacher interview questions. Student motivation to complete tasks can be enhanced through making positive changes to the learning environment, increasing the interest of the activity, analyzing the task to identify areas of concern, responding to individual limitations and strengths and providing appropriate reinforcers or rewards. Provide a specific example to support your answer.

7 :: How to teach and encourage socially acceptable behavior from your students?

Include elements such as assessing the cause of unacceptable behavior to design a behavior support program, clearly describing and demonstrating what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior and explicitly communicating the consequences of this behavior. Provide supporting examples.

8 :: How to encouraged parental involvement in student learning?

Ongoing communication with the family fosters a supportive relationship. This includes providing a clear explanation of the student's IEP, regularly sending out IEP report cards on student progress towards set goals, management of expectations by providing clear measurements, keeping accurate records of interactions with parents and really listening to parents.

9 :: Tell me how you ensured that each student receives the right type of support?

Show how you determine where each student is and prioritize learning accordingly. The focus may be on developing basic social skills or on task completion. Highlight your ability to use different teaching styles and resources to meet diverse needs.

10 :: Tell me how do you regularly assess the progress of your students?

Your experience of student assessments will be explored with these special education teacher interview questions. Show that you have in-depth experience and knowledge of a variety of assessment techniques.
Demonstrate how you adapt the assessment to make it appropriate to the student's needs, strengths and limitations with specific examples.