English Teacher Interview Preparation Guide
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English Teacher frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in English Teacher. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job test and quickly revise the concepts

35 English Teacher Questions and Answers:

1 :: Tell me what are your thoughts on team-teaching?

I am sure many of you have participated in team-teaching and realize the benefits of this strategy. The interviewer who asks this question wants to discover, if you are flexible, enjoy working in a team environment, have experience in this area, and what your viewpoints are on the subject.

2 :: What are your greatest strengths Stella?

This question will probably be asked. Now, if you researched the district/school and found out what they are looking for in a candidate, you will be able to focus your response on that information, keeping in mind it is important to tell the truth. With every response you must show your VALUE to the district. This will also give them an idea on how you view your talents and skills as a teacher. Perception is critical... you must be able to confidently discuss your skills using a convincing approach.

3 :: What is your biggest weakness Stella?

Your response could include something that may have been a challenge in the past, which you have taken steps to rectify. It is important to be truthful, they will be testing your honesty. In addition, they will be checking to see if you provide a weakness that is critical to success in the position. For example, the interview will likely end quickly if you answer you have a difficult time management the classroom. The key to answering the question is to turn a negative into a positive.

4 :: Let's imagine an interview for a grade one teaching position and the interviewer asks: "Describe your classroom's physical appearance." Having prepared ahead of time, you understand the interviewer[s] attempt to determine:
☛ Your teaching style
☛ Your ability to effectively manage the class
☛ The level and quality of student interaction
☛ Your teaching philosophy

Within this context, you might respond:
Upon entering my classroom you will find a lively and colorful room completely centered upon children and active learning. Sight words, the alphabet, numbers, and inspirational quotes cover the walls while large bulletin boards proudly display students' work. A large area contains a carpeted reading or group corner specifically for storytelling, show-and-tell, weather discussions and calendar and day-of-the-week conversations. This classroom includes an abundance of age appropriate reading materials and student mailboxes where children place personal journals, home reading books and workbooks in the morning and then collect newsletters or other parent communication at the end of the day.

5 :: Tell me why do you want to work for our school district?

Your preparation and research is imperative to successfully answer this question. Provide a few reasons why you're interested in the school or district, and what in particular sparked your interest. What is your personal experience with the school or district? What do you know about its student body, faculty members, industry reputation, community involvement, educational goals and objectives, upcoming initiatives, demographics, or extracurricular activities? This information will help you to accurately respond to the above question. The word accurate is important -- don't answer the questions by using old information.

6 :: Tell me Stella how would you describe a successful principal?

It is important that a successful principal:
☛ Has a vision and a plan to reach that vision...combined with the ability to bring faculty members together to form a cooperative team and motivate them to reach district goals and objectives.
☛ Be visible... the principal's presence should be evident on a continual basis. He or she must be easily accessible to both students and teachers.
☛ Has a great sense of humor, and can relate well to a diverse group of individuals.
☛ Genuinely cares about the students, teachers, parents, and the district.

7 :: So! How Stella handle classroom discipline?

For obvious reasons everyone will have a different answer; it will depend on your teaching style, grade interviewing for, and past experiences. The interviewer will be looking to see if you have a plan, you know how to implement it, and if you think that discipline is an important part of the position. What I have found from coaching clients is they fail to provide a clear action plan that can be backed up with examples. Also it is important to find out what is the philosophy of the school or district, this will give you some additional information. A few things to bring up when answering this question is the following:
It is important to develop ground rules the first week of class, this allows the students to understand what is and isn't acceptable behavior.

8 :: Do you know what are the qualities and skills that students look for in their teachers?

Liking young people. Fairness. Consistency. Sense of humour. Passion for their subject. Good at explaining new concepts/ideas. Able to make the topic or subject relevant. Able to make everyone feel comfortable and confident about contributing.

9 :: Suppose if we decided not to appoint you Stella, So what would we be missing out on?

This is great as it enables candidates to sell themselves and really tell us what they are about.

10 :: How would you describe yourself Stella?

☛ I consider myself hardworking/ reliable/ dependable/ helpful/ outgoing/ organised/ honest/ cooperative.
☛ I'm a team-player/ an experienced team-leader/ a seasoned (experienced) professional/ a dedicated worker.
☛ I'm good at dealing with people/ handling stress.
☛ I pay attention to details.
☛ I understand my customers' needs.
☛ I learn quickly and take pride in my work.
☛ I love challenges and getting the job done.