Teacher Head Interview Preparation Guide
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Teacher Head job test questions and answers guide. The one who provides the best answers with a perfect presentation is the one who wins the job hunting race. Learn Teacher Head and get preparation for the new job

29 Teacher Head Questions and Answers:

1 :: What is the description of Teacher Head?

In the past, the headmaster or headmistress was often the owner of the school or a member of the owning family, and the position often remained in the family for many generations.

2 :: Who is Teacher Head?

A head teacher (also known as school principal, headteacher, headmaster, headmistress or the head, sometimes informally in Scots, the Heidi or heedie) is the most senior teacher, leader and manager of a school.

3 :: What is the role of Teacher Head?

Some head teachers still retain some teaching responsibility, other than in very small schools, most of their duties are managerial and pastoral.

4 :: When you walked into your classroom during an outstanding lesson, what would you see and hear?

I'd like to hear about: animated discussions, students clearly making progress as evidenced in oral and written contributions. High quality visual displays of students' work showing progress. High levels of engagement. Behavior that supports learning.

5 :: Why do we teach x subject in schools?

Whatever the subject, I expect to hear things like: to improve skills and independent learning; to encourage team work; to gain a qualification; for enjoyment (very important, rarely mentioned); to enhance other subjects; to develop literacy, numeracy and ICT skills; to improve career prospects; self discipline; memory development; to encourage life-long learning in that subject. The list goes on…

6 :: What successful behaviour management strategy you have used in the past that helped engage a pupil or group of pupils?

This allows candidates to give a theoretical answer - one that anyone who swotted up could give you - balanced with a personal reflection that shows how effective they are.

7 :: Tell me if you overheard some colleagues talking about you, what would they say?

This is one of my favorite questions (it's based on a question my National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH) coach used to ask me) because it gets candidates to think about their contribution to the school organisation and their team spirit. If I'm interviewing for a senior leader I would follow this up with: what would you want them to say about you in three years time? This way I can get a sense of where they want to develop as leaders.

8 :: Tell me why do you want to work in our school?

We want to see clear indications that candidates have done background work about our school and can talk about why the way we work appeals to them. We'd always want candidates to have visited the school so they should be able to flesh this out with specific examples of what they thought based on their visit.

9 :: Do you know what are the key qualities and skills that students look for in teachers?

Liking young people. Fairness. Consistency. Sense of humour. Passion for their subject. Good at explaining new concepts/ideas. Able to make the topic or subject relevant. Able to make everyone feel comfortable and confident about contributing.

10 :: What would we be missing out on if we decided not to appoint you?

This is great as it enables candidates to sell themselves and really tell us what they are about.