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63 Server Support Questions and Answers:

2 :: What are the Logical / Physical Structures of the AD Environment?

Active Directory Logical components are Forests, Trees, Domains, OUs and Objects.

Active Directory Physical components are Domain Controllers, Sites and subnets.

3 :: What applications or services use AD application partitions? Name a couple?

Application partition contains the information of application data and other data related to application as well. But it does not contain any data related AD object such as USER, COMPUTER and GROUP. The saved data will be replicated to some of the particular DC not to all the DCs.

4 :: What are the types of hard disks used in servers?

Mostly we use scsi hardrive in server due few reason to it, high scalability & flexibility in raid array, faster from other type of hdd interface like-sata,ata,ide also it reliable & compatible with older scsi devices

5 :: What are some of the command-line tools available for managing a Windows 2003 Server/Active Directory environment?

Command Line Tools

1) GPupdate

2) Where

3) SystemInfo




7) Ipconfig

8) RoboCopy

9) CMDHere

10) PathPing

6 :: What if a FSMO server role fails?

FSMO roles are important role in server . these are schema master,domain naming master in forest level while infrastructure master,pdc emulator and RID master in every dc level. each roles plays important parts . if FSMO roles fails it has not direct impact till we not made changes on schema ,or not added any new object or any new user tries to reconnect. but two methods piercing and seizing is used to transfer these roles to another server .In 1. piercing we register schema using srvr32scheamgmt.dll and transfer roles through schema snap-in to another server to the server which already an schema holder ( some roles) cash of total fail we go to ADRM of througg cmd use NTdsutil to transfer roles . however infrastructure roles are not places in GC server .

7 :: What is active directory Garbage Collection?

Garbage collection is the process of the online De-fragmentation of active directory. It happens every 12 Hours.

9 :: What is Microsoft outlook?

1. Microsoft outlook is a client email application which is not inbuilt with an O.S where as outlook express is an inbuilt application with an O.S

2.POP3-110 HTTP - 80 SMTP -25 & IMAP-143

3.PST -Personal storage table, is used to store the e-mail in the computer hard drive itself. unfortunately if you move to some other computer we can copy that PST and use it on the other system.

4.File --> import and export from there we can take backup of outlook files

5.PST file contain uncomfortable format of mails which an end user doesnt know. we can read with the help of outlook connections

6.Never, but we can create rule in outlook for folders or i would say mail flow will helps you to fetch email from server. so the communication between outlook client and server would happen in a very lesser time. i would say for the quick response

10 :: Explain patch, hotfix and service pack?

Patch: Microsoft Patch contain the updates for the application and improve the performance and clear the bugs

Hot fix: this is also same like patch but the hot fill comes along with the new future and bugs clearance.

Service Pack: Latest service pack contain the host fix and patch and the latest updates