Front Desk Agent Interview Preparation Guide
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Front Desk Agent Frequently Asked Questions in various Front Desk Agent job interviews by interviewer. The set of questions are here to ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job interview

25 Front Desk Agent Questions and Answers:

1 :: Explain me what does good guest service mean to you?

Hospitality is all about customer service, so you’re just as likely to get this question when you apply for an administration position as when you’re after one at the front desk. While the answer is common sense, a good way to make a memorable impression is to work language from the hotel’s own marketing materials (such as their website) into your response.

2 :: Tell us suppose a guest asks you for local restaurant and entertainment suggestions. Where would you recommend if they were a single business traveler, young couple or family with children?

Front desk agents and concierges are not the only hotel staff guests turn to for advice. Before any interview, make sure you’re familiar with local attractions and think about those that would best appeal to a variety of travelers.

3 :: Tell us how do you manage to be friendly at work when you have personal problems?

It is important for a Front Desk Agent to be friendly and positive at all times. The potential candidate needs to display the ability to accomplish this.

4 :: Explain me what computer programs are you comfortable and familiar with?

In my last position I used ChiroFusion, which is web-based practice management software. I have used Outlook for many years and am very familiar with Microsoft Word and Excel. I used PowerPoint to prepare for presentations in another receptionist/assistant job, and I have also used Clearslide and SlideDog. I have been around computers much of my life, and learning new programs is enjoyable and comes easy to me.

5 :: Tell us what do you do when you are a receptionist?

Receptionists answer phone calls and handle visitors. They also manage the company directories, and give instruction to visitors and vendors when requested. Often they accept packages, order office supplies, and restock the kitchen at their place of work. Your industry and the company you work for will determine any additional receptionist duties.

6 :: Do you know why is a receptionist important to an organization?

Receptionists are the first face most people see at an organization. As a result, their job is to manage communication from external sources, including vendors, visitors, and other office staff. Doing your job well as a receptionist requires a variety of hard and soft skills, but being organized. and friendly are critical

7 :: Tell us why do you want to work for this hotel?

Obviously, you have bills to pay. However, comments about compensation or “I just need a job” are the last thing a hiring manager wants to hear. To best answer this question, you need to spend time learning about the hotel’s history, mission and culture. Check out their website and search the Internet for press releases and other news. If you have access, talk to a few of their employees. Then put together a response that shows you’ve done your research and are a good match for the hotel’s current and future needs as well as culture.

8 :: Tell me suppose your to-do list has five tasks and you only have time for three. How would you prioritize them?

Whatever your hotel position, there are guaranteed to be days when you cannot complete everything that needs to be done. Hiring managers want to see that you have the ability to analyze such a situation, think clearly when under pressure, make a decision on a course of action and take responsibility as you proceed.

9 :: Tell us who was the most challenging person you have dealt with in the past, and how did you deal with them?

The potential hire's answer will show whether they have the ability to deal with challenging people. It is essential for a Front Desk Agent to deal with challenging guests in a tactful, gracious manner.

10 :: Tell us how do you deal with high-stress and high-pressure situations?

In my experience, good customer service skills go a long way when dealing with high-pressure situations. My past jobs have helped me become more confident in dealing with people and to stay calm even when things get crazy. Communicating with customers is very important, whether it is in person, through email, or over the phone. Most people are very understanding when you apologize and explain what is going on or why the wait is taking so long. I have also learned how to delegate during busy times. For example, in my chiropractic receptionist job, I would ask the billing manager to help answer phones or answer insurance questions during high-volume periods.