Learning Support Assistant Interview Preparation Guide
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Learning Support Assistant related Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in Learning Support Assistant job. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job test and quickly revise the concepts

30 Learning Support Assistant Questions and Answers:

1 :: What is learning support assistant?

A Learning Support Assistant (LSA), often referred to as a Teaching Assistant (TA), is provided to support teachers and pupils in the classroom. Learning support assistants work in primary and secondary schools, in mainstream schools, mainstream schools with SEN units and special schools.

2 :: List the main qualities of Learning Support Assistant?

The main qualities and skills in a Learning Support Assistant include:
☛ Excellent communication skills
☛ Enthusiasm for the role
☛ Experience working with children
☛ Excellent organizational skills
☛ Patience and responsibility
☛ Flexibility and creativity
☛ Ability to manage children or those with learning disabilities
☛ Good knowledge of teaching standards, child protection and the school rules

3 :: What characteristics are important for a Learning Support Assistant?

This depends on the age and type of students you are dealing with. But in general, teacher assistants have outstanding interpersonal and communication skills and a talent for children and/or adolescents. Smaller children require a different "language" than adolescents. Cultural sensitivity and patience is also important.

4 :: Do you have experience working with students with special or additional learning needs?

Do not answer in the affirmative if you have never worked with such children. But if you have even a little experience, definitely mention it in detail. Also, if you have no direct experience but you are confident that you have the talent for it, describe it and the situations in which you had the opportunity to practice that talent.

5 :: What specific responsibilities did you have as a learning support assistant?

Learning support assistants typically help maintain order in class and during recess, and promote good student behavior. The more challenging task is to maintain student motivation and establish positive interactions among the students.

6 :: How would you handle a crowd of students?

The teaching assistant is quite near to the students themselves when it comes to age. Therefore, the interviewer will first have to assess whether you can or cannot handle a crowd of students. Again, focus on your ability to work with your previous employer. If you have led any youth groups or have any counselor/teaching experience, draw on that.

7 :: What were you difficult times in your last job?

The interviewer will ask about any difficult situations in your last job, related to work, which were solved by you by amicable means. This will prove to the interviewer whether you have any people skills. Make a list of such occurrences. Consult with a knowledgeable friend, or professor. Preferably someone who's working! Select the best and prepare to present the anecdote briefly, and succinctly.

8 :: How would you determine seriousness of the individual?

To gauge your seriousness of the individual, the interviewer may ask why you are actually seeking the job.
Therefore, the interviewer will first begin to gauge whether the individual is actually serious about the job or not. This can be asked via the simple question.
Why do you need the job, or why should we give you a job? Express your interest in the field of education and your expectation to persevere for at least a semester. You may want to include your financial needs, but do not over emphasize this.

9 :: What experience do you have assisting teachers in the classroom?

These responsibilities are typically administrative. Assistants report to teachers on class behavior and contribute student information to class reports. They help teachers disseminate information in class or among parents.

10 :: Tell me about your experience and knowledge of learning support assistant?

The interviewer may ask about your previous job experience and your knowledge. This will enable the interviewer to understand your basic professional background and whether you would be able to handle the job or not. Although your experience may not be directly related, focus on your ability to follow directions, get tasks done quickly, attention to detail, etc.; skills required in any job.