Front Desk Officer Interview Preparation Guide
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Front Desk Officer related Frequently Asked Questions in various Front Desk Officer job Interviews by interviewer. The set of questions here ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job hunting

37 Front Desk Officer Questions and Answers:

1 :: What is Front Desk Officer?

Front Desk Officer is also Receptionist.
Receptionists hold a key role in any organization. In fact, they are the face of their company which is why their work is very sensitive. More often than not, visitors, guests and customers make up their minds about an organization after meeting the first representative; this is why receptionists are hired following a lot of scrutiny.

2 :: What are Job Duties of Front Desk Officer?

Front Desk Officer perform many important tasks at the front desk of an office. They answer telephones and relay messages. They also greet customers and visitors and provide them with information. They work in different settings including businesses, hospitals, private clinic and hotels. Particular duties depend on the individual settings that they work in although most tasks remain the same in the majority of organizations.

3 :: What are typically Job Duties of Front Desk Officer?

Typically, Front Desk Officer direct visitors to the right department/person, manage emails and correspondence and also perform a host of administrative tasks such as data entry, filing and light bookkeeping. Receptionists are required to possess a high school diploma at the very least - formal education is not usually required. They need to be great at managing stress and time effectively and their decision making skills need to be sound as well.

4 :: List some interview tips for Front Desk Officer?

► Dress formally and appropriately; casual dressing is not allowed.
► Reach to interview place 15 minutes ahead.
► Turn off your cellular phone before entering into the interview room.
► Make sure that you know the interviewer's name. You can find out the same from the front desk personnel.
► Bring at least two extra copies of your resume.
► Bring a list of at least three professional or educational references.
► Be confident; use body language and make an eye contact with the interviewer and the panel.
► Don't criticize your previous companies / employers
► Read your resume while sitting in the waiting room. It would help you remembering your qualifications and work history.
► Don't show rigidness on salary expectation. Instead, show your strong willingness to work on the salary per employer's policy.
► Always send a thank you note to the interviewer within 2 days after interview.

5 :: What do you know about our company?

You provide highly trusted and reliable recruitment services to businesses of several industries. Your head office is located in Salt Lake City with 5 branch offices operating across 3 US states. You have been awarded with the number 1 rank in the recruitment services providing companies by the Utah State County for the last two consecutive years.

6 :: Describe your job background and future goals in thirty seconds?

I had been working as a receptionist for two years. I learned and developed numerous secretarial, customer service and front desk skills through my jobs in different work environments. After serving in the role of receptionist for some years, I would like to get a job of more responsibility such as a supervisor or office manager.

7 :: What makes a receptionist's work meaningful?

A receptionist's work is probably the most fulfilling in any company. Providing excellence in customer services and presenting a positive face of the company on a front desk makes a receptionist's work meaningful.

8 :: What interested you in our company?

I have been following the success of your company for many years. I believe that It would provide me ample opportunity to make the most of my skills while maximizing the efficiency of your reception area.

9 :: How do you describe yourself?

I am a thorough professional. While I know that it is important to be friendly in my job, I also know my limitations and I ensure that I would adhere to them.

10 :: What is your greatest strength?

I am easily reachable. This means that I do not put customers or visitors off. I know how to control their moods. Also, I am a great problem solver and can handle even the worst of irate customers.