SAP PS Interview Preparation Guide
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SAP PS frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in SAP PS. So get preparation for the SAP PS job interview

15 SAP PS Questions and Answers:

1 :: What are settlement rules?

Settlement rules are nothing but settling the account for a
cost center.Which WBS are account assigned the cost of
corresponding WBS should be settled to the respective cost
center assigned for that WBS.Settlement rule is assigned in
settlement profile in which you will define (like assect)
the rules of settlement.

2 :: What is Easy Cost Planning?

It is another function for planning costs at WBS elements
level. It uses the existing Controlling, purchasing or MM
data in the form of costing items. Also you can have
predefined costing models to simplify repeated entries.

3 :: How LSMW and BAPI works?

LSMW is an encapsulated data transfer tool. It can provide
the same functionality as BDC infact much more but when
coming to techinical perspective most the parameters are
encapulated. To listout some of the differences :

LSMW is basicaly designed for a fuctional consultant who do
not do much coding but need to explore the fuctionality
while BDC is designed for a technical consultant.

LSMW offers different techinque for migrating data: Direct
input ,BAPI,Idoc,Batch input recording. While bdc basically
uses recording.

LSMW mapping is done by SAP while in BDC we have to do it
explicitly .

LSMW is basically for standard SAP application while bdc
basically for customized application.

4 :: What do you understand by Project?

A project is a system which involves 1. project, sub-
project, activities & tasks.

It will have the good integration with the other modules
like MM, Fi/co, & PM modules.

5 :: What mean by valuated stock,non valuated stock?
Which cotagiri you are using in po&pr?

In Valuated stock every material in stock is managed on a
both a quantity basis and a value basis. The monetary value
of each quantity of material is calculated separately. while
non valuated material is maintained as per quantity and not
on the basis of its value.

7 :: How can PS be linked to COPA? How will the settlement take place in this case (when PS is linked to Controlling through COPA)?

Settlement will take place via profitability segmenet .
Level 1 WBS should have settlement rule define to be
settled to PSG and level 2 WBS should be settled to
superior one WBS element .The main one level 1 WBS/ Project
will be settled to PSG , and variance will be posted to

9 :: Explain the "Process how do we convert business
into sap"?

By ASAP Methodology:
It has following 5 phases:
1. As is to be Study Phase: Means study the process of the company which they are using. Or we can say analysis the business process of company.

2. Blueprint phase: In this we have to prepare the flow diagram of the above data which we have collected in first point. Or we can say documentation of the data which we have collected from to be study phase.

3. Realization Phase: Implementing the collected data in SAP system.

4. Final Preparation Phase: In this phase testing has been done on arbitrary data and on actual data. And there are three type of testing is there:
a. Unit Testing: Individual Module Testing.
b. Integration Testing: Whether every module is communicating with each other or not and finally
c. User Acceptance Test: End User is satisfied by the system or not.

5. Go Live and Post Implementation Support: Live usage of system or in Production.

10 :: What is Project Management?

Project Management is nothing but a Organizing and planning
and scheduling software Project
-Delevered on time
-Software needed

Neede for Project Management is,
-Project Planning
-project Scheduling
-Project Costing
-Monitoring Reviews
-Report Writing and Presentation

Manually it is Documented and Automated it is Microsoft
Project Planner(MPP)