ERP General Interview Preparation Guide
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Enterprise resource planning (ERP) General frequently Asked Questions in various ERP General job Interviews by interviewer. Get preparation of Enterprise resource planning (ERP) General job interview

8 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) General Questions and Answers:

1 :: How do I access SAP from Home?

To access sap from home or office
get the server set up for your self for any module.
Get quick access.

2 :: What is BPO? Please explain?

BPO or Business Process Outsourcing is a set of IT enabled
services whereby a company whose core business is not
exactly IT and which doesn't want to create an
infrastructure for one or more of its services, outsources
these services to one such BPO company which has already
created the required infrastructure, not necessarily in the
same country. Such services can vary from call centre to
accounting, to engineering design, to data entry to
digitizing forms etc.

3 :: What is difference between ERP AND SAP?

ERP stands for enterprise resource planning.To elobarate,
An enterprise means a business setup,Resources means many
like men,machine,money etc, planning means a frame work to
carry out the tasks.
So Generally there are lot of ERP package vendors in the
market like,SAP,Oracle,BANN,JD Edwards,SIEBEl etc.Each
vendor is specialized in one or many resources.SAP comes
under ERP Package which gives business solutions to a
business setup in all areas like Finance,Sales,Costing and
materials etc.

4 :: Compare SAP with Microsoft Dynamics!

Making the decision to change your company's business
management system is a process that requires research and
foresight. Here are four reasons why businesses using SAP
business management software have decided to make the
switch to Microsoft Dynamics.

1) - Microsoft Dynamics can improve employee productivity.
In a 2007 analysis that compared the impact of enterprise
software applications on people's productivity, Microsoft
Dynamics users on average scored Microsoft Dynamics 18
percent higher than SAP users scored SAP applications. This
Microsoft-sponsored study was conducted by Keystone
Strategy, an independent research firm, and was supervised
by Dr. Marco Iansiti, the David Sarnoff Professor of
Business Administration at the Harvard Business School.
Download the full study (XPS 3.96).

2) - Microsoft Dynamics can scale with your business.
Microsoft Dynamics provides affordable scalability for your
growing businesses. With benchmarked performance up to
1,000 users and beyond and rich functionality across
financials, supply chain management, and customer
relationship management, you can be confident in the
ability of Microsoft Dynamics to meet the needs of your
growing business. Integrate your Microsoft Dynamics
business management solution with Microsoft SQL Server to
enjoy enterprise-level reporting, flexible decision-making
support, and timely, relevant business insight at a low
cost with significantly high usability and flexibility.

3) - Microsoft Dynamics provides a low cost of ownership.
Microsoft Dynamics is engineered to cost-effectively
support the changing requirements that are frequently
necessary for customers to adapt, grow, and maintain a
competitive edge in their business. Independent research
has demonstrated that, on the whole, Microsoft Dynamics
offers a higher return on investment (ROI) and lower
overall costs than other major competitive offerings.
Microsoft Dynamics licensing is designed to be cost-
effective. It is based on concurrent users versus named
users and has no imposed user minimum or maximum, so it
evolves with you for the life of your business.

4) - Microsoft offers an industry-leading vertical partner
ecosystem. Microsoft is in a position to deliver vertical
solutions to hundreds of different industries on a local
basis; it can bring these solutions to market on a local
level. Microsoft's Certified for Microsoft Dynamics program
offers solutions designed to meet the needs of specific
industries. It can provide customers with the benefits of a
rich portfolio of tested, reference supported solutions
developed by ISVs that have met Microsoft’s highest
solution and organizational certification standards.

5 :: How will i set EDI for Email and sms in xTuple ERP?

It provides native integration between xTuple and any IMAP server, and also
provides a platform for EDI, shopping cart, and any other
sort of import/export or real-time integration capabilities.

6 :: Why we use Level Break in JDE report and what is its used apart from groping value and totaling?

The level break is used for grouping records according to
the need that has been sequenced in its way and to attain
various level break and page break as well ,there are two
types of level breaks level break header and footer,header
to display header info and footer mainly used for
totalling,one more thing it can only act as a main section
but certain features in section can't be used in it like
data selection cant be made in level break.

8 :: What is Hyperion Financial management?

hyperion financial management is comprehensive and web
based application it enables manage finacila information
quickly and cost effectively. hfm delivers global data
collection,finacila consolidations,and reporting and
analysis the data in single higly scalable solutions