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10 SAP FI CO Questions and Answers:

1 :: In which process vendor data are uploaded in bdc?

The process is first mantain a ledger of this vendor data then
create templetes of this then uploaded through bdc by using
abap program , then two g/l account will create one will be
null and the second one will active.

2 :: What is asset capitalization date? and asset value date...what is difference between them. I have come across definitions still not clear?

Company has purchased a asset on 01.03.2008 and the asset
has gone to production on same day. Today the company is
going to sell the particular asset that is 07.02.2011, for
that company will valuate the asset as on today.

Now, 01.03.2008 is asset capitalization date
07.02.2011 is asset value date

3 :: How sap is helpful for a business?

towards integration of all business activities across the
countries it will be more helpful to get single window solution.

4 :: What is difference between R/1, R/2 and R/3?

1)R/2 runs on a mainframe, R/3 runs on Client / Server
2) R/3 has a GIU (thanks to windows) where as R/2 looks more
like DOS (although you can get a GUI for it)
3)R/3 has more functionality than R/2 making it the
preferable choice
4) SAP will support R/3 after 2004!


SAP Application Interface Framework enables you to:

* Do functional instead of technical monitoring
* Restrict interface data and error monitor access by
flexible authorization rules
* Enforce interface implementation guidelines

SAP Application Interface Framework provides you with the
following functions:

* A powerful framework for the implementation of interfaces
* A user-friendly transaction for interface monitoring
and error handling
* Tools for the configuration and operation

Implementation Considerations

6 :: What are the tools for solving tickets in sap fico?

Tools are:
SAP Development Server
MS Office
Outlook Express
Test Director

7 :: How the data flow in fico-pp integration?

For FICO - Production planning the integration is mainly in
controlling area - Primary cost element , secondary cost
element , activity cost and cost centre .

PP-FICO inteegartion
1. Activity type you have to define in PP area , thse
activity handover to FI consultant.
2. FI consultant assign prizing to this activity ,
3. Then you assign this activity in your workcenter
4. Assign cost center in work center , take this cost
center from FI
===> From this plaaned cost calculate , formula from work
center, values from routings and prize from FI , flow

1. Define valuation varrient in order type dependent
parameter i.e opl8 in controlling tab page.- SPRO
2. take this valuation varrient from FI
3. Discuus the REL strategy with FI during costing sheet
preaparation with FI
4. Take controlling area from FI
5. Costing varrient , varriance key in order type SPRO
6. Settelement profile
7. Disccus when FI want to calculate actual cost at REl ,
8. If the process is REM- then product cost collector -
KKF6N for your proper production version
9. In REM process - product costing CK11N and CK24 monthly.
10.Actual varrient 007 and planned varrient from costing
11. In control key configurataion costing check box- OP67

8 :: Is standard cost estimate with
out quantity structure, and what is the configuration settings for that?

A cost estimate without qty structure is the KKPAN, its a
manual cost estimate and does not use the work center
routing scenarios that exist with a qty structure.
the config settings, are cost component structure the
costing variant, and possibly the costing sheet if that was

9 :: What are the gaps exist in sap fico implementation?

ASIS Document(Previous legacy system document or before implementation document)- TOBE DOCUMENT( after Implementation document)= GAAP Analysis(total process & procedure of implementation with Road map & blueprint)

10 :: How to run partial payment in APP?

When Running of APP we have to select our vendor for making payment.That time we can select the vendor from vendor list & from there we can make payment...