SAP Security Interview Preparation Guide
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SAP Security frequently Asked Questions in various SAP Security job Interviews by interviewer. Get preparation of SAP Security job interview

32 SAP Security Questions and Answers:

1 :: What is the rule set in GRC?

Collection of rules is nothing but rule set. There is a
default rule set in GRC called Global Rule Set.

2 :: What is use of su56?

Displays the current users Authorization Profiles available
ti the ID. Can also be used to reset their User buffer to
pick up new roles and authorizations.

3 :: What is use of derived roles and where it is used?

Derived roles are also called as Child Roles and Master
Roles are called as Parent Roles.

Derived Roles refers to the roles that already exist. As
name indicates Derived roles are derived from other role
(Master Role).

Derived ROles inherits the menu structure and functions
included (transactions, reports, Weblinks and so on) from
the role referenced.
The default authorization values of the derived role are
that of the inherited role. The Org Levels are to be
maintained in the derived Role

4 :: How to lock all the users at a time?

This is one way to lock the users by executing Tcode EWZ5.

another way is by executing su10... authoriztion tab....
evaluate the users list......... transfer...... execute

5 :: How can find out whether CUA(Central User Administration) is configured on your sap system?

Execute su01
You can find out a tab called system tab....
If system tab is not displayed there in su01 screen there
is no CUA is configured.

6 :: One of the user logged into Production System, changed a table and then logged out. How will you track him?

We need to login to the system the change has taken, Go to
SM20 you need to select the date and time or range in time
tab, select * in the user tab once you key in all the
inputs be sure to select the servers or instance on left
hand side and then execute.
you need to select the user master record.

You will get report for user master record, find the user
id in the list

7 :: How do we test security systems. What is the use of SU56?

Through Tcode SU56, We will check the users buffer

8 :: What is the landscape of GRC?

GRC Landscape is 2 system landscape,

in GRC there is no Quality system.

9 :: How we Check if the PFCG_TIME_DEPENDENCY is running for user master reconciliations?

Execute SM37 and search for PFCG_TIME_DEPENDENCY

10 :: How we Schedule and administering Background jobs?

scheduling and administrating of background jobs can be done
by using tcodes sm36 and sm37