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21 SAP Basis Questions and Answers:

1 :: what is ECC? what is the main difference between ECC and other older versions of SAP?

ecc- enterprise central componemnt, and ecc is version
ex:- 4-6c and ecc6.0
erp--- enterprise resources planning

2 :: What is the common storage file for oracle?

ora arch

4 :: What is logical system? How to create and why?

Logical system is required for communication btw systems
within the landscape.
Logical system enables the system to recognize the target
system as an RFC destination

TCODE used is SPRO

5 :: Explain What is ECC? what is the main difference between ECC and other older versions of SAP?

In ECC6 and older version the major difference is of table
space in older version the table space were with NO AUTO
EXTEND feature but in ECC6 table space are with AUTO EXTEND

6 :: What is the link between roles profiles and projects?

role is created

profile is generated after role

role contain authorazations and objects

profle contain combination of roles

7 :: What to do when we cannot login to a dialog server?

When we are not able to login into Dialog Server we can
goto command prompt to following path :

c:/Usr/sap/mms/sys/exe:and type NIPING -t to self test the
SAP system is working properly or not.If the self test is
ok then we can check for DISP+WP whether it is running or
not in console or else to goto Services and rerun oracle

8 :: What is saint update?

SAINT - for updateing SAP-Addon like componets ST-PI, ST-
API etc
SPAM - for updateing SAP support packs like basis,abap, ST-
PI patches etc

9 :: What types of security problem you will get?

1.user date expire 2.t-code not authorized 3.organization
level not maintain 4.user do't have authorizsation

10 :: What is MCOD?

MCOD - Multiple components on one database.
we can install multiple components on single database.