SAP ALE IDocs Interview Preparation Guide
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SAP ALE IDocs frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in SAP ALE IDocs. So get preparation for the SAP ALE IDocs job interview

25 SAP ALE IDocs Questions and Answers:

2 :: Can we attach more than one messages with One IDOC?

yes, we can attach more than one message types to one idoc.
For example sendor wants the records on both material and
purchase at same time then we need to add two message types
to one idoc.

3 :: Suppose their is one sender and we have three receivers.
While generating an IDOC will it generate 3 IDOCs for three receivers? Explain in detail how the flow goes from outbound to inbound systems?

in SALE we maintain the Sendor as well as three Receivers
(how many receivers to send the same idoc),
and assign the sendor in sendor system as well as assign
receivers in receivers system(sale-->assignment) three

maintain the RFC destination on sendor side and all
receiver side also (sm59).

maintain the port for sendor and three receivers.

maintain the sendor and all receivers for a same message
type in distribution model.(bd64)

maintain the partner profiles for sendor and all receiver
side also (we20).

execute the outbound program(idoc generation)like BD12 for
DEBMAS message type .

check out the status using we02 or we05.

4 :: Where to see idoc in inbound side whether it is received in receiver system or not?

By executing Conversion Program RBDMOIND...
1) Execute RBDMOIND in outbound program
2) If the status code is convert into 3 to 12 then we can
confirm the IDOC received successfully..

5 :: How the data is coming from 3rd party system to SAP System?

Data from 3rd party can come from middleware tools like MERCATOR. Also data can from 3rd Party from email or fax also. This can be done by intergration mail system with SAP inbox.

The usual connection for middle ware tool can be type 4 TCP/IP - depending upon the setting of your gateway server properties one can integrate SAP with other party Middleware systems.

6 :: While sending idoc from receiver side i got msg type 3 and 12.but in receiver side while executing we02, i am gettig the error no idocs selected instead of getting
msg type 53.i am simply sending a material from one client to another client?

The very first setting you need to check is in distribution
model if the message type is configured for given sending
recieving system combination.if this is correct and partner
profile is wrong, you will get an IDoc stuc in 56 status on
You can also check in we09 with giving more details like
segment name (related to MARA table ) and the corresponding
material no. in the field for selection with MATNR.

7 :: How to debug an idoc?

for outbound we can send through program or
functionmodule.but inbound idoc only through function its depends wheather it is outbound or
inbound.then we will debug

8 :: When idoc is created in which table its stored?

EDIDD to store data records.
EDIDC to store control information.
EDIDS to store status of IDOC

9 :: What is the main difference between interfaces and XI, I think both are cross-applications right? What is the exclusive difference?

According to my knowledge in SAP XI we have so many kind of
control levels to process the message. For instance i will
discuss on few points, like
1) Here using XI we can communicate with the SAP or Non-SAP
at sender side or reciever side.
2) XI supports both Syncronus and asyncronus communications
3) in XI we can find the status of the message where it is
during the process of Message processing.
4) We have so many kinds of monitoring techniques.
5) Here we can have N number of senders and N number of
recievers based on your requirement.
6) It supports to process multiple messages at a time from
different senders to multiple recievers.
So I feel we cant perform all these things in
Interfaces.That is the reason XI come into picture.

10 :: How to send the idoc to multiple sub systems?

If you are sending one idoc is to more systems you are
create one sender logical system and more recive logical
systems in T.CODE is SALE. then yoou are send In T.CODE