SAP CRM Interview Preparation Guide
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SAP CRM frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in SAP CRM. So get preparation for the SAP CRM job interview

25 SAP CRM Questions and Answers:

1 :: what is the action profile in sap crm?
how to use complaints and returns life cycle in service process?

Action Profile is a Post Processing Frame work (PPF) which gives some output (like as smart form, fax, document ) on given conditions.

And this is used in every place in SAP CRM where we define the Conditions for the successful implementation of the activity. like in Opportunity Management,Monitoring the Activity of the enterprise employees etc.

2 :: What is the relation between crm and sapr3 architecture?

R 3 Means ( Three tier architechture ) 1st Tier ( R1 )
launched at the time of SAP inception with five x ibm
employees , later on 2 nd & 3 rd tier had come in the form
of advanced . Now latest is My SAP CRM.

R 3 actual Nomeneclature is ( ECC - Enterprenuer Central
Component )

CRM acts as a central server attached to its external
systems such as ( BIW , ECC & Third party systems , etc ).

Eg : If a client has already had installed SAP ECC ( R3 )
and wants to upgrade with SAP CRM , in this scenario , we
have to integrate or fetch some data related to Sales ,
Pricing Conditions etc thru R 3 / ECC .

This is done thru middle ware concept ( connectivity ) ,
for which you should posses knowledge on the middleware

3 :: What is the difference between R/3 AND CRM?

R/3: ERP
CRM:Customer Centric Extended ERP, process, functions
revolves around Customer.

R/3:Three Tier architecture,Client,Server product
CRM:Internet enabled, no need to have client software.Only
internet browser

4 :: How to integrate R/3 with CRM?

To exchange data between ECC ( R3 ) and CRM systems we need
to maintain connectivity for both systems. Please ask your
Basis consultant to do the following configuration.

Maintain Logical Systems in both systems and link with
respective clients.
Maintain RFC destinations in both systems pointing to each
other system.

Maintain Number ranges as mirror images in both systems.

Ex: Maintain same number range in ECC as Internal and in
CRM as External or vice

Below are the steps for the integration between R 3 & CRM :


1) Define logical system for ECC ( Name )
2) Define logical system for CRM ( To establish the cross
connection )
3) Identify the data which you wanted to copy to crm
4)Assign logical system to the client


1) Define logical system for CRM
2) Define logical system for ECC
3) Assign logical system to client
4) Copy the required data from ECC .

5 :: Explain some example of business object, customizing object, conditon object?

business objects are business partner sales order etc
customizing objects are customizing country, customizing
time zone etc, conditions objects are pricing related

6 :: Quotation transaction type comes under which functionality in CRM?

Quatation transaction type: AG


1. Create or Generate leads with Marketing Campaign
2. Track, qualify and close oppt
3. Manage and track ERP quotations
4. Process ERP Sales Orders
5. Fulfill logistics needs
6. Process invoices in ERP
7. Manage account payables

7 :: What is master data in sap crm?

Master Data is org & CP baqsic data which are mandatory for
creating org & CP in CRM system.

EX: Org Name & adress detaisl & Contact details and CP
related Names and contact details

8 :: How is the job market for sap crm?

Market for CRM not too good it is just ok....
the main problem is no one is perfect so we dont get
guidance from anybody.......we have to struggle ourselves.

9 :: Suppose we have created a organizational structure in a non-sap system and how we will transfer this organizational structure to another non-sap systems?

Through Batch job we can transfer non spa org struture to
another non sap org structure.
we can transfer non sap to sap and sap to non sap through
Batch Job..

check SM36
To monitor batch job SM37

10 :: What is the standard transaction type for quatation?

Transactio type - AG
Item category - AGN