Regional Sales Executive Interview Preparation Guide
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Regional Sales Executive based Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience as Regional Sales Manager. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job test and quickly revise the concepts

63 Regional Sales Manager Questions and Answers:

1 :: Tell me how do you remain motivated when things aren't going your way?

Say that you remember that it is always about the overall score. If on average you are hitting your sales targets, then it does not matter if you have a bad patch. Understanding that this is normal helps to prevent you becoming despondent; staying positive always results in success.

2 :: Why do you think you'd be the best person to work in this territory?

Do some research and say that you understand the territory well and feel that it is a great opportunity to make an effective contribution to the business by operating in a new territory.

3 :: Tell me what made you a good sales representative? What makes you a good manager?

Most sales managers have worked their way up from a sales rep position, and this question gets at the heart of a very important truth: many great sales reps turn out to be terrible managers.

While a sales rep turned manager can certainly put themselves in a sales rep's shoes and therefore understand their motivations, an ideal candidate will know that the skills of a sales rep are very different from the skills of a great manager.

While sales reps are often responsible solely for their own goals and accounts, a manager must think about his or her team as a collective entity. Rather than being competitive and hands-on, they must be able to step back from the limelight and concentrate on helping others succeed.

An ideal candidate will be able to give specific examples of their motivations and skills as a sales rep, and understand that those skills and motivations will have changed when they became a manager.

4 :: Tell me why are you interested in this position as Regional Sales Manager?

The first thing hiring managers and interviewers want to know is that you're really interested in a position in sales. While this isn't the hardest question to answer, it's important you can provide a compelling answer that demonstrates you're interested in the position and good at selling.

Not only do you want to demonstrate to the interviewer that you're interested in selling, you also want to let the interviewer know that that you're very interested in selling the company's specific products and/or services. Communicating that you like selling tells an interviewer you may be a good fit for the position. Demonstrating to the interviewer that you'reinterested in selling the company's products, and that you've done your research, tells the interviewer that you're ready to hit the ground running if you're hired. Make sure you come to the interview having thoroughly researched the company's products, services, and sales strategies. Explain how your sales ability and past experience make you the best candidate for the position.

5 :: Tell me what do you find rewarding about working with people?

Say that you enjoy being part of a team working towards a unified goal and you love to see team members develop and flourish. Talk about how you enjoy the camaraderie and banter of working with others in a sales team.

6 :: Tell us 3 Likes and 3 Dislikes you have at a current or past job?

Do they start their answer with their likes or dislikes? One of the important sales manager qualities is to be positive. You can tell a great deal about someone's workplace personality if they immediately start answering with all of their dislikes and the list goes way beyond three! If their dislikes seem petty or personal it's a red flag that they may not gel with company culture.

7 :: Tell me would you prefer to be out on the frontline selling rather than in an office devising strategies?

This is for a management role, so you must say that developing new strategies to improve the sales funnel is your passion, but you will monitor the progress that your sales team makes and this will provide you with exposure to frontline activities. Explain that you will always be willing to step in and provide assistance if required.

8 :: Please tell me in your own words what we do?

This question quickly separates individuals who are committed and passionate to our vision from those who are simply looking for a job. We find that our best hires have thoroughly researched us, determined the general and specific impact(s) they could have on the organization, and expressed this to us confidently in their first interview.

9 :: Tell us why do you enjoy sales?

You need a well-prepared answer for this. An interview is the ultimate sales test. Some interviewers believe that if you cannot sell yourself you cannot sell a product. Be very positive about sales; say it is your passion and that you love the challenge of closing deals.

10 :: Explain me what do you think I could do better as the CEO of my company?

There is no better way to test the guts, authenticity and smarts of a potential sales manager for your company than to ask them to look you in the eye and tell you what they think you- the CEO- should or could be doing better. If they falter and have no answer- it is a deal breaker for me. If they come right back at me with feedback and ideas- they get big points!