Sales Executive Import Interview Preparation Guide
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Sales Executive Import related Frequently Asked Questions in various Sales Executive Import job Interviews by interviewer. The set of questions here ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job hunting

39 Sales Executive Import Questions and Answers:

1 :: Explain what do you mean by the term Import and Export?

Import is the trading process, when we buy various resources such as products and services, carry them from another country and ship it to the home country. Export is the supply of these resources from home country to another country for shipment purpose.

2 :: Why do you want to work for this export company?

DON'T play into their hands here. This one is loaded with the presupposition that you want them. As with meeting for the first time girls, don't give the game away too early.
"While I liked what I read on your web site and in the job spec, I'm not yet convinced that this job is right for me. would you mind telling me why you like working for this company?"
After they've sold the company to you, you're on a more even playing field, and can go into specifics about what you like about the industry, company and position.

3 :: What makes you think you can do this job?

You risk coming off sounding conceited or being cross questioned if you answer this one too early. Instead consider the following answers as possibilities.
"I don't yet have enough information about the position and your company, to tell you that I can do this job."
Continuation 1: "Since you've invited me to this interview, could you please tell me what you see in my qualifications and experience that make you believe I can do this job?" (I'm not looking for assurance from them; I answer and ask with confidence in order to obtain information) If the interviewer does not have a copy of my resume present, I will instead ask if he or she has had the opportunity to review my resume.
Continuation 2: "Would you mind if I asked a few questions I've prepared to get to better understand the job first?" The employer would be unreasonable to say "no", and you can come back to answer their question later once you know more about the position.

4 :: Are you punctual?

Are you? If you are, then great, this question will be a breeze for you to answer.
If like me you're the type who likes choosing your own hours, and can get lost in analysis or code for hours, working late, and get the job done, then you need to think about this one carefully.
"I'm very results driven, I get the job done and have often worked late hours to stay on top of projects to meet deadline. So how important is arriving bang on time and watching the clock by comparison?"

5 :: What are C.F.R. & C.I.F.?

C.F.R. is the short form of Cost and Freight & C.I.F. means Cost Insurance and Freight.

6 :: Tell me what is Consignee?

It is a firm, person or representative, to whom a shipper or seller sends merchandise .He, is considered as the owner of the merchandise for the reason of the imbursement of customs duties.

7 :: Why are you leaving your present export executive job?

One of the easier questions to answer if youe have excelled and outgrown the position.
So how do you handle if hate your job and have Shrek for a boss? Talk more about the future and the position being offered than the past and your current job.
"There are limited options currently in my present company, and the position you need to fill looks to offer some interesting challenges." Then move on to ask a question about the position.

8 :: What is Shipment?

Shipment is an act or an illustration of shipping the resources.

9 :: Where do you see yourself in five years as Import Sales Executive?

If you have a charm and a great sense of humour, you could say "Doing your job", but I personally wouldn't gamble on it.
Be careful to think about your job prospects for the interview with this company. If you're only taking the job for what it has to offer you in the short to medium term, then you better feel comfortable answering this question.
If you're still in your twenties, you can answer with: "When I left college, I thought I had my career mapped out for 10 years. Experience has taught me not to get ahead of myself with career planning. I've learned a lot about myself with each position. So I prefer to now be open to more career paths to gain the necessary experience" Then ask: "What do you see as possible career paths for the person who takes this position?"

10 :: Explain C.F.R. & C.I.F. works?

Cost and Freight indicates the delivery of the goods on top of a container through the payment of all the ordinary charges and to get the shipment to the named docks by the seller. There are always several risks in this shipment. Cost Insurance and Freight specifies that there is automatic arrangement of insurance for the sellers.