Sales Interview Preparation Guide
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Sales Interview Questions and Answers will build your knowledge about to get a job in Sales area and will tell you that a sale is the pinnacle activity involved in selling products or services in return for money or other compensation. It is an act of completion of a commercial activity. So learn more sales concepts to get better job in sales section read this Sales Interview Questions with Answers guide

28 Sales Questions and Answers:

1 :: Explain one of your marketing innovations that you have done till now?

You should be good at judgment as this can be one of the most trapping questions. You should be a person who will create something new and bring out with an innovation.

2 :: what do you think is challenging in marketing?

Be prepared with concepts that you feel is most challenging in marketing. Understand the risks and challenges of the new market developments.

3 :: What will you do to improve your product or service or your company?

Give a lot of examples and explain to him how you would improve either of this. This will increase a lot of customer service. You should have a commitment towards improving sales and increase the customer base.

4 :: Sell this pencil to me?

You should be quick in trying to get the right USP for the product and sell efficiently.

5 :: You are out to sell, what is your objective?

The candidate should understand the difference in selling a company and a product.

6 :: What is your psychology of selling?

This is where you demonstrate your understanding of the entire structure of selling. Focus on your view of selling as a professional service directed at showing the customer how your product or service meets their needs and improves their lives.

Prepare a concise sales interview answer that highlights your knowledge of how to communicate and build rapport with a client, ask the right questions, identify and understanding the client's values, motives and needs, offer the appropriate solutions, handle objections and close the sale. Include adapting to different personality types and using persuasive communication skills.

7 :: What do you like and dislike about the sales process?

This question is asked to explore the candidate's self-awareness and motivation. Know your strengths in the sales process as these will translate into what you like. Your "likes" and strengths should correspond to the main priorities of this sales position.

For example, if your strength is negotiating, describe how you enjoy this aspect of sales and your satisfaction at coming up with win-win solutions. Highlight how this has resulted in both satisfied customers and increased sales which is what this position is looking for.

When responding to the "dislikes" go carefully! The best approach is to choose a characteristic of your present or previous company such as its poor delivery on the sales you made or its lack of flexibility when it came to negotiating sales solutions. Answer in a positive manner as someone who is able to take these sort of problems in their stride and constructively improve on them. For example if the delivery of company products was slow and resulted in angry customers, discuss how you instituted a follow-up process that accelerated delivery.

8 :: What do you think are the most important skills in succeeding in sales?

Put a number on the skills so that you can structure your sales interview answer around this. For example, "I think the 3 most important sales skills are ...". Rather than referring to specific sales techniques focus on competencies and abilities that every successful salesperson needs, such as:

► the ability to adjust your approach to different people and situations
► the ability to ask the right questions and listen carefully
► the ability to deal with disappointment and rejection
► the ability to stay motivated with a high energy level
► the ability to plan and prepare
► the ability to influence and persuade
► the ability to negotiate and reach agreement

9 :: How many rejections do you take in a typical week?

couple, but however i need to move forward take my time to relief but try not keep it inside move to next level and try thanking the time for them

10 :: Pick anything in this room and try to sell it to me.

what kind of room are you looking for?( how many kids do you have?) how many berooms youre looking you prefer with two baths, or two story.