Sale Promoter Interview Preparation Guide
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Sale Promoter based Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience as Sales Promoter. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job test and quickly revise the concepts

77 Sales Promoter Questions and Answers:

1 :: Explain why did you opt for sales as a career?

When you are asked this question by the interviewer, explain the skills that you posses. Also, mention your requirements. Given below are a few skills and requirements:

Skills - good communication, interest in traveling, art of persuasion

Requirements - salary based on performance, etc.

Understanding your skills and requirements in a better way will help you answer this question.

2 :: Tell me what is your method to follow up the expected sale of a lot?

A person in the sales department should continuously follow up the expected sales keeping frequent contact with the customers, discussing the current status of the sales with them. Feedback is an important aspect of sales. Do take feedback from the customers.

3 :: Tell me how do you rate your expertise in retail field?

Retail selling means to sell goods and products to the consumers through different channels of distribution. You should have some knowledge about your own performance. For example, on the scale of 0 - 10

☛ 0 to 3 = poor
☛ 3 to 5 =average
☛ 5 to 8 = good
☛ 8 to 10 = outstanding

4 :: Explain how will you motivate your team to achieve targets in a tight deadline?

What will you do if some of your subordinates are not performing up to your expectations?You should tell the interviewer about how you will plan your schedule. Describe your priorities in detail. You should motivate your team to achieve the target in time. Make your team feel comfortable to work with you. They should have the freedom to approach you any time regarding any doubts that they may face. Try to maintain friendly relations with your team members. Appreciate them whenever possible. Do not underestimate the confidence of your team members.

You may face situations where your subordinates may not perform up to your expectations. In such situations, instead of criticizing them, try to motivate them to do better. Help them with their queries, explain to them the consequences of not putting up a good job.

5 :: Explain how will you motivate your subordinates to raise their performance graph?

These kind of questions will test your leadership skills. As a team leader, you have certain responsibilities towards your team. You need to assist your subordinates and help them whenever required. Give them proper training in areas where they lack knowledge. Give them certain challenges as tests. Feedback is an important component and will help them improve the next time.

Their hard work can prove beneficial to you and your team. If your subordinates give good output, it will be a proof of your good leadership qualities. The company is always dependent upon its employees.

6 :: Tell me what would you do if a customer refuses to fix a meeting with you?

Usually, meetings are very lengthy. Meetings should not be wastage of money or time. You should handle the situation with utmost care when a customer does not agree to fix a meeting with you. Customers may have many reasons for not fixing a meeting. For example, they may be busy. In such cases, give them an opportunity to decide a time and place for the meeting. Convince the customer about the benefits of a meeting. Make the customers understand that the meeting will be purely one-to-one without any barriers. It will prove beneficial for the customers.

7 :: Tell me what do you like the most about the inside sales job?

There are certain interesting things about an inside sales job. You may like it for the

☛ direct and timely feedback
☛ casual environment
☛ less amount of traveling
☛ increased team work

8 :: Tell me are you trustworthy?

Yah! because I am strength is good.

9 :: Explain me what do you like and dislike about the sales process?

This question is asked to explore the candidate's self-awareness and motivation. Know your strengths in the sales process as these will translate into what you like. Your "likes" and strengths should correspond to the main priorities of this sales position.

For example, if your strength is negotiating, describe how you enjoy this aspect of sales and your satisfaction at coming up with win-win solutions. Highlight how this has resulted in both satisfied customers and increased sales which is what this position is looking for.

When responding to the "dislikes" go carefully! The best approach is to choose a characteristic of your present or previous company such as its poor delivery on the sales you made or its lack of flexibility when it came to negotiating sales solutions. Answer in a positive manner as someone who is able to take these sort of problems in their stride and constructively improve on them.

For example if the delivery of company products was slow and resulted in angry customers, discuss how you instituted a follow-up process that accelerated delivery.

10 :: Tell me an overview of your career to date?

A career retrospective highlights your ability to communicate in addition to bearing testament to the logic and rationale of your career choices. Start with your first professional job (note: not your very first job ever) and talk briefly about what you learned from each successive role. Don't forget to touch on what attracted you to each new opportunity, culminating in the one you are currently interviewing for. Frame each job change in terms of striving for something greater, not in terms of running away from a crummy manager or company.