Marketing Sales Interview Preparation Guide
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Marketing Sales frequently Asked Questions in various Marketing Sales job Interviews by interviewer. Get preparation of Marketing Sales job interview

53 Marketing Sales Questions and Answers:

1 :: How will you sell a mobile?

firs introduce the product and tells all positive features
and function in positive manner so that customer will be
attracted towards the product.

2 :: Why you want to change from hardware sector to fmcg sector?

this is because every organization needs profit to operate,and
as results the fmcg gods turn to have a moving market than
that of the hardware goods,becas the products does not take
much time to be sold, the capital invested will be generated
in no time and also there space for the warehouse, also becoz
the the fcg does not need much design before they been
purchase, there for higher purchases

3 :: Why you want to join our organisation?

beco sate like as a young graduate like me you need to join a
company that will help you build upong your skills and gives
you the needed training, and loking at your firm you are
operating as financial institution and that the needed tuition
will be given so as to enable as to do our jobs
effectively.also i join this company so as to find a
challenging bsiness envi to meet my competence and

4 :: Why you leave current job?

coz there were not enough room for workers to use their own
skills and capability to solve some small problem the manager
was also autocratic and dictatorship

5 :: Why you are joined in the marketing?

i am interested in marketing

6 :: How to make the waste industrial oil reusable?

1.ZJA Series Double-stage High-Vacuum Oil Purifier
2.ZJ Series vacuum air pump set
3.ZJB Series High-Efficient Vacuum Oil Purifier

Turbine Oil Purifier
1.ZJC-T Series Vacuum Oil Purifier special for Turbine Oil
2.JT Series Collecting-Dehydration Oil Purifying equipment
3.DYJC Series on-line Oil Purifier for turbine-oil

Fire Resistant Oil Purifier
1.KJY Series Special Oil-Purifier for Fire-Resistant Oil

Lube Purifier
1.ZJC-M Series Coal Grinding Mill-only Oil Purifier
2.ZJC-R Series Vacuum Oil Purifier special for Lubricating
3.HY Waste Motor Oil Recycling Machine
1.Various Series Explosion-Proof Oil Purifier
2.BJ Series Oil-Regenerating Purifier
3.LY Series Plate-Frame Pressure Oil Purifier
4.YL series Portable Precision-Filtration Oil Purifier

7 :: Which brand insulating oil tester is the best?

GDYJ-503 is developed according to the national standard GB-
86 Insulating Oil Dielectric Strength Testing Method .The
tester can test three cups of oil at the same time.LCD
screen can display test procedure and test result. All the
human interaction operations complete by the rotating
mouse .It is very easy for customers to measure the
breakdown voltage of all kinds of oil by GDYJ-503. You can
print the test result by the micro printer internal the
tester. Of course, you can upload the test data to PC from
RS232 for data analyzing. The special circuit design makes
the tester has a good performance at stability and anti-

8 :: Why are you expecting 50% growth scalar?

i am expecting 50 growth because of the market size and
consumers patronage, also because of new product and service
been introduced, also because of the competent working force
within the organization

9 :: What is difference between super stockist and distributor?

super stockist is one who supply product to n nos of
distrubuor in area.

Distributor is one who supply to dealers in the area

10 :: What is marketing?

Marketing can be referred to as a form of communication with your customers, with the help of marketing tools such as advertising, promotion, publicity, design aspects related to the look of the product etc. All these are aimed at getting the target audience (customer) to first get interested in your product or service and then ultimately buy them.