Area Sale Manager Interview Preparation Guide
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Area Sale Manager related Frequently Asked Questions in various Area Sales Manager job interviews by interviewer. The set of questions here ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job hunting

67 Area Sales Manager Questions and Answers:

1 :: Tell us what do you think motivates reps the most?

This is a bit of a trick question, but it's an important one. The best sales managers know that motivation is personal. While money might drive one rep to go the extra mile, another might be inspired by a development opportunity or creative contest. The candidate who can navigate the trick and get to the right answer -- in this case, "it depends on the rep" -- possesses the motivational ability to lead a sales team to success.

2 :: What is team person?

The sales manager should also be a team person, who understands any differences that crop in his or her team and work towards solving them in an amicable and quick manner.

3 :: What is team leader?

The sales manager is the team leader for the sales team and should possess all the qualities that a team leader should have.

4 :: What is single point of contact?

In fact, the sales manager is the single point of contact for all the salesmen when it comes to any questions and queries about the product or the company.

5 :: What is strong sales background?

Other than these internal qualities, the sales manager should have a strong sales background and should be able to lead his or team from the front utilizing their unique sales expertise and talents.

6 :: Tell me why did you leave your last job in Area Sales Manager?

The golden rule here is never to criticize any previous employers.
There was no real room for growing my career.
The position you are advertising seems like a excellent match for my knowledge, abilities and qualifications.

7 :: Tell me where do you see yourself in say four years' time?

This is also the same question as 'Where do you want to be in 4 years?' The recruiter does not want to know about your personal goals i.e. you want a house in the south of France etc. They are only interested in your career ambitions.
Try not to sound too ambitious, for instance saying you want to have been promoted to the head of your department. This can scare off some interviewers who may think your after their job! Instead sound ambitious but realistic.

In four years time I aim to have improved my abilities and to be a leader in my field. This will mean that I can contribute more to my employers and their business.

8 :: Tell me what do you dislike about your present job?

Remember not to directly criticize or be negative about the company, managers or supervisors. Instead find other general issues to focus on.

Sometimes it is difficult for me to get a sense of my own achievement in a big company like my present employer.
There are very few opportunities for advancement with my present employer who are a small company.

Don't mention:

☛ Overtime issues.
☛ Salary expectations.

9 :: Explain me what kind of goals motivate you the best? What total compensation are you seeking?

Should be enthusiastic about setting goals

Should be comfortable with a large share of compensation at risk (at least 50 per cent)

10 :: Tell me what interests you most about this position?

I've always admired your company's reputation for customer service and I know that's a big part of why your clients buy from you. I have a lot of experience selling to your key demographic and I know how to sell the overall product experience - including the customer service component. Let me tell you about a sales campaign I came up with last year that centered on the benefits of customer service…