Front Desk Representative Question:
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Explain me how long will you work for our hotel if hired?


When you respond, be sure to frame your answer so that it's positive. Let the interviewer know clearly how much and why working for them is very attractive to you so you may say that you want to stay for a long time as long as your presence is beneficial for your hotel and guests as well as mine.
For example you may say:

☛ I would like to pursue my career here for as long as I have the opportunity to.
☛ I would like to remain employed here for as long as my services are needed.
☛ I like new challenges and a chance to grow. As long I keeping getting these, I don't think I'll need to switch over.
☛ This hotel has everything I'm looking for. It provides the type of work I love, the employees are all happy, and the environment is great. I plan on staying a long time."

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