Systems Support Manager (MIS) Interview Preparation Guide
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Systems Support Manager (MIS) related Frequently Asked Questions in various Systems Support Manager (MIS) job interviews by interviewer. The set of questions here ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job hunting

67 Systems Support Manager (MIS) Questions and Answers:

1 :: As an IT technician what tools are at the top of your lists as must haves to do an effective job?

A bad worker may blame their tools, but a good worker knows when to thank them. IT departments invest a huge amount of money and time into sourcing and implementing the technology and tools their IT staff will use. It is essential to ensure staff recognize the potential of those tools and use them in such a way that enables them to be the best IT professional they can be.

Providing a great IT service means having a strong understanding of the support tools available; service desk, self-service, remote support, IM, release management and CMDB are all good examples of tools an IT support worker has at their disposal to make their job quicker and easier. However, how often have you found IT staff taking the long way round through lack of understanding or knowledge? Finding a candidate who knows their tools and how to leverage those tools to provide better services is key. By asking this question you are not looking for brand names or software suites, but more for the knowledge of what is possible and how engaged that person is with today's technology and what value it creates for them and their customer.

2 :: Would you prefer to spend the day configuring IT kit in the server room, or speaking with end-users on the service desk?

This is a little bit of a trick question, in that there is no right answer. An enthusiastic and engaged IT professional should want a good balance of both of these things. Giving technical people the opportunity to express their technical interests in a non-distracting environment is essential to feeding their curiosity and motivation. At the same time you want to uncover how this person benchmarks their technical skills against their confidence and willingness in helping people and building up relationships with their customers.

3 :: IT Network & Telephony based Systems Support Manager (MIS) Interview Questions:

► Have you planned and implemented additions and significant modifications to your company's IT infrastructure? Describe your contribution.
► Tell us about any procedures you have implemented to improve network security or in other areas.
► Describe the maintenance and administration routines you utilized to ensure effective corporate VOIP/WAN/IT network performance.
► Have you upgraded the company's telephone or email system to a VOIP or unified messaging system? Describe the process and the factors you considered in choosing the new systems.

4 :: The Abstract Decision Model, in which atleast one of the variables is uncertain and must be described by some probability function is
(a) Stochastic Model
(b) Deterministic Model
(c) Simulation Model
(d) Domain - specific Model
(e) Prototype Model.

(a) Stochastic Model

The Abstract Decision Model, in which at least one of the variables is uncertain and must be described by some probability function is Stochastic Model.

7 :: What is the importance of emotional intelligence in IT support?

Emotional intelligence quota is fast becoming one of the most vital measures of suitability for a customer facing/service role. With IT technicians coming face -to-face with 50+ challenges a day, you want the staff to be motivated by the solutions they provide. That motivation will most likely come from working off the energy by meeting a troubled and challenged customer, then taking them on the journey of listening, understanding, exploration and resolution. By using this question, you will be able to quickly uncover whether this person has a deep enough understanding of their own soft skills and how to apply them in your IT team.

9 :: Can you give an example of a piece of work you have done, which had a lasting positive impact on the business?

A skilled IT services professional will be fine tuned to see the full scope of a customer experience and comprehend all the external factors outside their own interaction with the customer, which affects the customer's experience and overall perception of IT. This question is designed to help gauge how well the candidate can open their eyes and mind to see the bigger picture of your IT services. Ideally you want people in your team that can quickly see beyond the single interaction of a phone call or email to the service desk; using the story behind the request and foreseeing all the possible consequences to the business as a result of their own next actions.