Compliance Manager Interview Preparation Guide
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Compliance Manager Frequently Asked Questions in various Compliance Manager job interviews by interviewer. The set of questions are here to ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job interview

47 Compliance Manager Questions and Answers:

1 :: Explain a time when you went above and beyond the requirements for a project?

I called for weekly meeting and streamlined certain processes which were not available.

2 :: Explain about your banking compliance experience?

I posses knowledge of the laws, rules, regulations affecting the banking sector and able to intelligently ensure compliance.

3 :: Tell me are you aware of anyone who has not complied with or is not complying with the company’s code of conduct and/or compliance policies?

This question is directly associated with the compliance officer’s “monitoring” efforts to detect potential criminal conduct as per §8B2.1(5) (A) of the USSGs. It can also test compliance by managers and supervisors with internal policies requiring that any complaints from employees concerning compliance or ethics violations be reported to the compliance officer.

4 :: Tell me what should happen to someone who violates the company’s code of conduct and/or compliance policies?

This is a modified “behavioral analysis” question. The purpose of the question is to assess the ethical tone of both the individual and the organization. Generally speaking, the appropriate response should be that those who violate the company’s code of conduct or compliance policies should be fired and, if their actions broke the law, criminally prosecuted. While employees may vary in the severity of the punishments they believe appropriate, a pattern of responses that overly minimizes punishments may be indicative of an ethical tone that is not consistent with the company’s expectations or desires.

5 :: Tell me about your ability to work under pressure as Compliance Manager?

Pressure is actually a catalyst to my work. When there is an imperative deadline, I refocus my energy into my work which in fact, has helped me to produce some of my best works. (Give examples) I guess you can say I thrive under pressure.

6 :: Do you know how many paperclips can fit in an airplane?

I know this sounds like a crazy question, but oftentimes regulations don’t make a lot of sense and require businesses to do things that don’t make sense either. The candidate might be inclined to ask “Well, how big is the airplane? Is it a 747 or a single engine Cessna? And are we talking big or small paper clips?” All fair questions. Unfortunately, we don’t often get a lot of clarity from regulators, and we’re forced to make tough decisions in the absence of complete information. In fact, a great compliance officer should be very comfortable making tough decisions when there might not be one perfect answer. So maybe this question is a little silly, but it’s a solid test to see how your candidate tackles challenging questions.

7 :: Tell me do You Have Any Professional Compliance Certifications? Do You Plan to Get Any?

The employer is attempting to assess whether you are serious about a career as a compliance officer. Compliance is a field that attracts many people wishing to switch careers and is an attractive area for lawyers. Obtaining compliance designations and certifications shows the employer how committed you are to a profession as a compliance officer.

8 :: Tell us have you ever been involved in an internal or external investigation? If so, what was your role, what were the steps involved in the investigation, and what was the outcome?

To put it bluntly, the best scenario is when a past employer was charged with unseemly behavior, while you came out smelling like a rose. “In most businesses, employers don’t want to be associated with someone tainted by scandal,” Lewis says. “Ironically, when we’re looking to fill a compliance officer position, it’s a badge of honor if you’ve been through an investigation and are not tarnished by it.”

9 :: Please explain the abilities you have in order to work with us as compliance manager?

I have the ability to communicate information and ideas in speaking so others will understand, tell when something is wrong or is likely to go wrong. It does not involve solving the problem, only recognizing there is a problem, listen to and understand information and ideas presented through spoken words and sentences, read and understand information and ideas presented in writing, communicate information and ideas in writing so others will understand.

10 :: Why should we hire you as Compliance Manager?

I believe that I have got the right skills and experience for this job. Also, I am someone who love challenging and always pushing myself get better.