Systems Support Manager (MIS) Question:
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Can you give an example of a piece of work you have done, which had a lasting positive impact on the business?


A skilled IT services professional will be fine tuned to see the full scope of a customer experience and comprehend all the external factors outside their own interaction with the customer, which affects the customer's experience and overall perception of IT. This question is designed to help gauge how well the candidate can open their eyes and mind to see the bigger picture of your IT services. Ideally you want people in your team that can quickly see beyond the single interaction of a phone call or email to the service desk; using the story behind the request and foreseeing all the possible consequences to the business as a result of their own next actions.

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A _____ is a brief message to an operator that describes what data are to be entered.

A. prompt
B. passwords
D. Tactical
E. None of the above
A _____ decision is routine one that's made following the completion of a preplanned series of steps.

A. strategic
B. structured
C. simulation
D. tactical
E. None of the above