Technical Support Engineer Interview Preparation Guide
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Technical Support Engineer related Frequently Asked Questions in various Senior Technical Support Engineer job interviews by interviewer. The set of questions here ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job hunting

105 Senior Technical Support Engineer Questions and Answers:

1 :: Tell me would you say that you are hands-on type of person?

One of the most important qualities required in a person handling any support position is his ability to be available immediately as the requirement arises. So, the only answer to this question is "YES". Develop an attitude of being available whenever you are required.

2 :: Explain me difference between RAM and ROM?

RAM (Random Access Memory) – is used to temporarily store information that the computer is currently working on.

ROM (Read Only Memory) – This is a Permanent type of memory storage used by computers for important data which never changes. (Example: BIOS)

3 :: Do you know any Five Microsoft Office Applications?

1. MS Word
2. MS Excel
3. MS Powerpoint
4. MS Access
5. MS Outlook

5 :: Tell me which desktop operating systems are you familiar with?

You will need to have familiarised yourself with the system used by the organisation you are hoping to join. Focus your answer on those systems, but also mention other systems with which you have experience.

6 :: Tell me have you ever had to fire someone? If so, why did you have to do so, and how did you approach the situation?

Mention that the task was not pleasant but that you got through by explaining the position and reasons for dismissal to the individual and being as sympathetic as possible.

7 :: Tell me what is your favorite aspect of desktop support?

The question is a test of motivation. You need to match your answer to the job. Mention aspects like the challenges of working with new systems and meeting new people.

8 :: Tell me what are some things that you look for in a job?

Tailor your answer to the interviewers’ company. Talk about challenges, job satisfaction, opportunities and work environment.

9 :: Tell me as an IT support engineer have you learned from your mistakes?

The real fact is that everyone who works makes a mistake. There is no loss in making a mistake while working. The main aspect of asking this question is to know if the candidate makes mistakes and learns from it without repeating. To make this question an apt one, you can state an example where you made a mistake and learned from it and also never repeated the same.

10 :: Tell me what is forward and reverse lookup in DNS?

When we convert IP address into names is called Reverse lookup, while converting names into IP address is called Forward lookup.