Auto Body Worker Interview Preparation Guide
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Auto Body Worker based Frequently Asked Questions in various Auto Body Worker job interviews by interviewer. These professional questions are here to ensures that you offer a perfect answers posed to you. So get preparation for your new job hunting

25 Auto Body Worker Questions and Answers:

1 :: Can you tell me how do you keep track of work so that it gets done on time?

I will ask my supervisor or boss what is the priority jobs, and I will work as hard as I am physically capable of to finish what needs done in whatever order my supervisor says.

2 :: Tell me as an Auto Body Worker, what do you believe is your best asset?

My best asset is that I have the qualifications to do the job.

3 :: Explain me what made you choose auto body repair work instead of painting work?

I believe that one should do what one excels at. During my apprenticeship, I concluded that repair work was more down my alley than painting auto body parts. And here I am!

4 :: Explain me a typical day as an employee?

Typical day… usually, I would open or close. If I opened, I’d wait there, I’d walk inside, I would immediately check my register, I had to make sure that everything was counted right. I would make sure that the fridge was stocked, because customers like to get things. Then, once people were in, it’s pretty slow in the morning, so it’s more people coming in to buy things, like guys that are tinkering with their cars. But the middle of the day, it’s pretty hectic, so it’s everybody is behind the counter, and I’m looking up things on the computer, then I’m running to the back to go grab them. There’s usually a lot of batteries that people want to bring in to be checked or a lot of electrical questions. Then, by the end of the day, it’s pretty calm. Usually, two or three people would come in right when we’re closing, and that’s about it. You’re just stocking the store again.

5 :: Tell us what was the most difficult auto body repair work that you have done so far?

I was assigned to repair the body of a badly rusted VW Beetle. At first glance, I was convinced that it was a lost case. After much insistence from the customer and many days of hard labor, I managed to bring it into a near-perfect condition. This was the hardest project I have been assigned up till now!

6 :: Tell us why do you want a career as an auto body worker?

Because I love to see cars look brand new again and see the faces of people when they get there car back in new condition.

7 :: Tell us what was your greatest accomplishment as an auto body worker?

Painting my first doors, primer, base and clear. They looked perfect, there was perfect coverage and no runs. I work to be proud of all of my work. No matter how big or how small the job is, it all is an accomplishment to me and makes me very happy.

8 :: Do you know are the repairs guaranteed?

Yes. We provide a written guarantee of workmanship and a lifetime warranty on all auto body repairs and painting.

9 :: Tell us what set you apart from other candidates?

I think the first thing my boss noticed was that I was very energetic, and I could explain things really well. He had to stop me a couple of times because my explanations were really detailed, and he’s like, “You’re very detail-oriented. I like that.”

10 :: Tell me before you started working as an auto body repair technician, what were you doing professionally?

I did an extensive apprenticeship before I embarked on this journey. I assisted auto body painters and technicians in performing their work and learnt all the tricks of both trades.