Auto Body Worker Question:
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Explain me a typical day as an employee?


Typical day… usually, I would open or close. If I opened, I’d wait there, I’d walk inside, I would immediately check my register, I had to make sure that everything was counted right. I would make sure that the fridge was stocked, because customers like to get things. Then, once people were in, it’s pretty slow in the morning, so it’s more people coming in to buy things, like guys that are tinkering with their cars. But the middle of the day, it’s pretty hectic, so it’s everybody is behind the counter, and I’m looking up things on the computer, then I’m running to the back to go grab them. There’s usually a lot of batteries that people want to bring in to be checked or a lot of electrical questions. Then, by the end of the day, it’s pretty calm. Usually, two or three people would come in right when we’re closing, and that’s about it. You’re just stocking the store again.

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