Electronic Media Performers Interview Preparation Guide
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Electronic Media Performers Frequently Asked Questions in various Electronic Media Performers job interviews by interviewer. The set of questions are here to ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job interview

30 Electronic Media Performers Questions and Answers:

1 :: Tell me what is your experience with entrepreneurship and/or sales?

Regardless of the position I'm hiring for, I love hiring people who have past experience with running a business or sales. I keep the question general and vague because I want to see what the candidate will bring up on her own, but I especially love hearing stories about entrepreneurship and sales at a young age like lemonade stands, newspaper routes, lawn mowing, Girl Scout cookies (without parents doing it for them), etc.

2 :: Tell me what projects have you worked on outside of work?

If I'm going to hire someone for a marketing role, they need to live and breathe it. Not just treat it like 'another job'. So I need to ensure they have the thirst to learn, face challenges head on and figure stuff out for themselves. The truth is that a single question won't tell me everything I need to know about their mindset towards work, but this particular question makes it easy to de-select candidates from the hiring process.

3 :: Tell me what have been the main characteristics of your favorite employees?

When someone is talking about a favorite employee, watch for their body language, tone of voice and their word usage. These factors will help you determine if you have some of their same qualities and if not, it will give you more to think about after the interview.

4 :: Tell us an example of how and why one of your staff made a major mistake, and what was your response to it?

You want to be able to take risks, but you also want to know your manager will support you in resolving it — not reprimand you. Asking this question will give you a sense of the level of risk-taking that would be acceptable.

5 :: Tell me would you take a practical test (related to whatever the job is)?

A good portfolio only represents that the candidate knows what good work looks like, not necessarily how to do that good work. A test or exercise illustrates what the candidate's true skills are when s/he doesn't have a reviewing manager or team members to work with.

6 :: Can you tell us what have you recently created?

Be it someone in tech, a designer, or anyone else, it's important to us that the person is also contributing to the wider industry they're in.

Participation in that industry means not only are they a professional, they are so into it that they cannot help but also help develop the overall industry. And if they are willing to do that with their free time (in a sense, as a hobby), you know they will put in the extra mile when it comes to productive work.

7 :: Tell us a time when you wanted something really badly but you didn’t get it?

To determine how the person reacted to failure and to figure out their mindset. Do they have a "growth" mindset? How did they learn and react from their failure?

8 :: Can you tell us what online communities have you managed in the past?

Creating profiles and pages and then posting content to them isn’t the job – most users can do that. The ability to build and engage with the community is the qualifying test of whether someone is a social media manager or a social media user.

9 :: Tell us what was the last thing you read? This can include an audiobook. When did you read it?

This is less of a question and more of an interviewing technique. This has been the best method I've used to find hustlers. Whenever I am interviewing someone, I like to bounce all over the map and try to find a personal topic they are really passionate about — whether it’s ABC, skiing, or a particular author they love. When you find something (this can be anything), you’ll be able to hear it in their voice and see it in their body language. That can serve as your control for when you start asking the job specific-questions, making it easier to tell if they are truly passionate about the role you’re looking to hire them for.

10 :: Explain me have you ever had a side hustle? If yes, what is it and why did you start it? What results did you see from your efforts?

You can tell someone is a true hustler if they're working on a passion project outside of work. You do of course run the risk that they'll eventually leave to pursue the project full time, but you'll know that they're driven, well organized, and fully able to build something from the ground up.