Elevator Technician Interview Preparation Guide
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Elevator Technician related Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with job experience as Elevator Technician. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job interview and quickly revise your concepts

43 Elevator Technician Questions and Answers:

1 :: Tell me why did you want to get into elevator construction?

I knew that I wanted to work outside, and do something with my hands. But with this apprenticeship, the hands-on work and classroom training are perfectly suited to the novice. The timing was perfect for me actually. I got out of the Army in August 2013, and a few weeks later there was an interview at the union, which hadn’t happened for a long time.

2 :: Do you know when does my residential elevator or lift need to be serviced and inspected?

Your home elevator or wheelchair lift is an investment. In order to keep your equipment reliable and running as intended, we recommend you schedule an annual service visit. Annual service visits can prevent down time and accessibility issues. Most manufacturer warranties require an annual service by a licensed elevator mechanic.

3 :: What is counterweight Drive?

This drive system utilizes an overhead machine drive that connects a stack of counterweights to the sling and cab assembly by way of 2 #60 roller chains.

4 :: What is gate?

The gate is a door that attaches to the outer edge of the elevator or dumbwaiter car. It prevents objects inside the car from coming into contact with objects outside of the car during travel. Gate styles include: accordion for elevators and bi-part and roll top gates for dumbwaiters.

5 :: What is service Disconnect?

Located near the controller in the machine room, the service disconnect is the main power switch to the elevator.

6 :: What is winding Drum Elevator?

This drive system utilizes wire ropes that wind onto a rotating drum.

7 :: Tell me how extensive is your testing after installing a new elevator?

Testing an elevator that has been newly installed would require, an extreme amount of testing. We want to make sure that the job we have completed is to code, and is safe and reliable, without any faults what so ever.

8 :: Tell me what is the work/life balance like?

I work in new installation, so I work four days, 10 hours a day. So for me, having a three-day weekend every weekend is awesome. And if you do get overtime, it ends up being double-time, and well worth working on the weekend. Each union can cover a lot of territory, so you may spend months out of town, four days a week, and home for a three-day weekend. This can be hard for some people, depending on your situation. While you are an apprentice for the first 5 years, you get 3 weeks of paid vacation per year. After you make mechanic, you get 1 month of paid vacation per year.

9 :: What is automatic Gate Operator?

Automatic Gate Operator is an electromechanical device that opens and closes the car gate automatically.

10 :: What is electromechanical Interlock?

Often referred to as EMI, is an electromechanical safety lock that prevents the hoistway door (hall door) from opening if the elevator is not at that landing.