SharePoint Developer Interview Preparation Guide
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SharePoint Developer Frequently Asked Questions in various SharePoint Developer job interviews by interviewer. The set of questions are here to ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job interview

80 SharePoint Developer Questions and Answers:

1 :: Do you know what is the Licensing Model for SharePoint 2013?

With SharePoint 2013 Microsoft has Introduced User License Enforcement Capabilities – that means different licenses can be assigned to different users based on Active Directory security groups that are added in.A group of admins for example would need features that are offered by Enterprise license but a group end users on the other hand can work with Standard license and would not need to pay more.By default the User License Enforcement is disabled and must first be enabled to begin assigning, using, and implementing user licensing capabilities.

2 :: Do you know what are Device Channels in SharePoint 2013?

With device channels in SharePoint 2013, you can render a single publishing site in multiple ways by using different designs that target different devices for example mobile devices etc.These device channels can each be given a different master page and CSS file to give users a more optimal viewing experience.

3 :: Tell me how would you use “Related Items” Column?

A new Column type “Related Items” has been Introduced in SharePoint 2013 where you can add reference to another Item or a document from any ListLibrary as a related entity to one of the Item using Related Items column.

4 :: Please explain what’s the new App model?

SharePoint 2013 Introduces a Cloud App Model that enables you to Create apps. Apps for SharePoint are self-contained pieces of functionality that extend the capabilities of a SharePoint website. An app may include SharePoint components such as lists, workflows, and site pages, but it can also surface a remote web application and remote data in SharePoint.

5 :: How to deploy Solutions Created in SharePoint 2010 in SharePoint 2013?

Most of the Solutions Should work fine but it is Recommended to Re-Create a Solution in Visual Studio 2012, Re-add all the features,Components and then deploy it to SharePoint 2013.

6 :: Do you know are there any Changes to Solutions deployed in bin directory and GAC in SharePoint 2013?

You can no longer add partial trust Solution Packages to the bin directory. Any files deployed to the bin directory must be full trust. Any deployment scripts needs to be updated to make sure that they specify the correct trust level. After the release of .NET Framework 4.0, the GAC was split into two, one for each CLR.
c:windowsassembly is the location for .NET versions 1.0 through 3.5 and c:windowsmicrosoft.netassembly is location for all the dlls for project Created in .NET Framework 4.0.

7 :: Tell me what is Windows SharePoint Services?

Creation of websites for information sharing and document collaboration will be enabled by Windows SharePoint Services. It provides additional functionality for MS Office system and other desktop applications. It also supports like a platform for the development of applications.

8 :: Tell me what is the concept of Content Type in SharePoint?

SharePoint is about Contents, so Content Type is a reusable collection of settings and metadata to represents a certain type of content. For Instance, a Student Content Type may have set of metadata like Student Enrollment ID, Name, year of enrollment etc.

Content Type in SharePoint facilitates to organize contents in more meaningful way. It supports inheritance of properties, behaviors and appearances.

9 :: Do you know what are the Core features of SharePoint?

With every new version, new and exciting tools were added to SharePoint platform but core of the tools that makes SharePoint an outstanding platform for Content management, Business Process Management, Collaboration and Web Publishing are:

☛ SharePoint Sites facilitates to create websites.
☛ SharePoint Communities plays it’s role to collaborate with other peoples.
☛ Contents makes SharePoint a true CMS (Content Management System)
☛ Search Engine provides smart and efficient searching of enterprise contents.
☛ Insights brings information together from different data sources.
☛ Composition makes SharePoint an extensible platform and extends it’s capabilities by using different tools like SharePoint Designer etc.

10 :: Do you know what is Sandbox solution?

When user writing custom code then it is not trusted, its failure causses on entire site. So the sandbox solution concept is used. In that case program is only written for particular site & solution is uploaded in the same site. The solution size limit is decided at the time of site creation & if size increases or code showing bad performance then it is easy to administrator to stop the working of solution.