Fitness Instructor Interview Preparation Guide
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Fitness Instructor Frequently Asked Questions in various Fitness Trainer job Interviews by interviewer. The set of questions here ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job hunting

70 Fitness Trainer Questions and Answers:

1 :: What experiences do you have with customer service as Fitness Trainer?

I used to work in a shop so I know how to deal with potential or rude customers. I am a happy person and always greet people with a smile, I also have good manners and am very approachable.

2 :: Tell me do you have any fitness goals for yourself?

Yes to improve my knowledge to become a personal trainer and to become fitter!

3 :: Name 5 cardiovascular exercises not on a machine?

► Jumping jacks
► skipping rope
► rowing
► swimming
► jogging.

4 :: Tell me have you ever helped train a friend? How did that work out?

Decide for target in fitness and improoving my better experience.

5 :: Do you feel that every person should have a gym membership?

I don't believe every person should have a gym membership as there are thousands of other ways to train rather than in a gym but it is very helpful as the professionals work there and can help maximize the person abilities.

6 :: Tell me about your qualifications as a gym instructor?

I am an expert in designing and implementing personalized exercise and diet programs based on the clients' goals and targets. I also have profound ability to recruit and retain clients, provide fitness equipment handling instructions and assess clients on regular basis. I am an expert in directing rehabilitation exercises following a sports or other injury.

7 :: What are your thoughts on a Vegan lifestyle? Do you support it or think it is overrated?

Again if it helps the client achieve their goals and they are OK with it then I have no problems with it. It just means their training program needs to be altered to a lighter intensity due to lack of meat in the diet.

8 :: Do you have any relevant certifications?

Yes I am an ACE and AFAA certified gym and fitness trainer.

9 :: What techniques would you employ to increase your clientele?

I would definitely register on freelance websites, create a facebook/instagram page, word of mouth, flyers, approach gyms and hotels.

10 :: Name a few essential exercises suitable for almost anyone?

Pushups, chin-ups and crunches work well for almost anyone.