Fashion Marketer Interview Preparation Guide
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Fashion Marketer related Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with job experience as Fashion Marketer. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job interview and quickly revise your concepts

74 Fashion Marketer Questions and Answers:

1 :: Tell us why do you love fashion?

Get creative! Instead of saying something like, “Because I like to experiment and try new things,” focus on some of the other key attributes of fashion such as the fact that working in fashion requires you to be analytical and understand market trends.

2 :: Explain me what according to you is a favourite part of being a fashion designer?

The interviewer asks the queries to interviewee to know the interest of an individual. This is because if an individual has more interest in a particular part, then there will be more chances of getting a job in an area of interest and specialization.

3 :: Tell us what is the qualification required for a fashion designer career?

Such type of queries are judged on the basis of the degree the candidate has acquired. This will include the qualification like fine arts with fashion and design. One can also describe the work experience, show work portfolio and so on.

4 :: What are accessories?

Extraneous items including jewellery, hats, bags etc

5 :: What is bag?

Bags come in all shapes and sizes. Made from leather, plastic or fabric; bags can be worn over the shoulder, across the body, on the back or carried in the hand. Although largely practical bags have evolved into a fashion statement all their own - stemming into clutches, totes, satchels, backpacks, purses, shoulder bags, messenger bags and many more. Designer bags are an easy accessible designer item.

6 :: What is epaulettes?

Ornamental strip of fabric on the shoulder. Traditionally used on military uniforms as a device to hold shoulder belt and protect shoulder during wartime.

7 :: What is jacquard Weaving?

A versatile weaving method that allows a wrap thread to be raised independently of the other wrap threads.

8 :: Tell us what three adjectives would you use to describe our company?

This is a fun question and one that gives you a chance to show that you understand the brand and can represent it well to others. “Whether you say something like fun or girly or super modern, we want to know that you know our brand. In order to ensure that you come up with a great answer, spend some time on the company’s website and social channels and take notes on the key phrases the brand uses to describe itself. Then make a list of 3-5 relevant adjectives so that you have a selection of descriptors to choose from during the interview.

9 :: Tell us what do you consider the important facets of the fashion industry?

Here the candidate must answer relating the characteristics of the fashion industry.

10 :: What is androgynous?

Androgeny refers to a look that is of indeterminate gender. Most commonly this look features garments and style traits that are commonly associated with the opposite gender to the wearer . i.e. women wearing ties, brogues and oversized dress shirts.