Gym Instructor Interview Preparation Guide
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Gym Instructor based Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience as Gym Instructor. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job test and quickly revise the concepts

75 Gym Instructor Questions and Answers:

1 :: Explain about an experience you've had dealing with an unhappy customer?

I have dealt with unhappy customers on number of times. I work in sales so as you can imagine I get a lot of complaints but generally I listen to them and try come up with a solution that suits them and myself. If I cant handle the problem I refer them to my boss.

2 :: What do you know about our Gym?

Yes, many a time. Working within the gaa organisation I have to talk to strangers. The last time I walked up to a stranger was only a couple of days ago at a match I had organised and I had to walk up to the another team manager and we just then had a general conversation.

3 :: Tell me 5 cardiovascular exercises you recommend to your clients?

☛ Running
☛ Swimming
☛ Jump Rope
☛ Stairs
☛ Burpees
☛ Sprints

4 :: Explain a few essential exercises suitable for almost anyone?

Pushups, chin-ups and crunches work well for almost anyone.

5 :: Tell me are you more comfortable in group or personal training?

Though I specialize in personal training and enjoy setting individual goals and attaining them more, I work equally well with client groups.

6 :: Tell me how do you ensure that a fitness program is effective?

Each fitness program is different for different clients and needs to be created specifically for the individual. Along with exercises comes nutrition so I inform my clients of what kind of food intake they should have and suggest supplements too. The amalgamation of all these make for an effective fitness program.

7 :: Tell us what are your professional qualifications?

A trainer’s education may be a certification and coursework from a health organization, degrees in physical education and adult fitness, and any relevant coursework or degree: psychology, biology, etc.

8 :: Tell me do you do X style of training?

Some fitness centers specialize in certain types of training, such as plyometrics, Pilates or TRX, for example. If you don’t already know that style of training, show that you’re willing to learn. As a certified trainer, you need to complete a certain number of continuing education credits to keep your credential. So if you don’t already know that style of training the employer mentioned, tell her that you’re going to pursue training for it during an upcoming continuing education seminar. If you already know that style of training, tell the employer about how you’ve used it and what successes you’ve had in using it with clients.

9 :: Explain me how do you handle X medical issue?

If the fitness center caters to people with special medical conditions or an aging population -- as many do -- you’ll need to be well-versed in how to handle special circumstances. If you’re aware of how to handle the medical condition the employer has mentioned, outline the steps you’d take to ensure the client can exercise safely, including using props or modifying the program, for example.

If you don’t remember how to handle that particular situation, don’t make something up. Tell the employer that you’d use your exercise science books and consult other trainers for guidance and that you’d be sure to gather all the necessary information before starting to train the client.

10 :: Explain me what do you like about your job?

Getting to meet new and interesting people and helping them to change their lives. Some of my clients are now friends and some have lost – and kept off – an incredible amount of weight. As everyone’s getting bigger and less fit, it’s important we all stay aware of our own bodies.